Publisher’s Positions

By Steve Hunley

Liberal Lies

The crisis at our country’s southern border is the handiwork of one man: Joe Biden.  There was NO crisis at the border when he moved into the White House on January 20, 2021.  With the sweep of his pen, he rolled back the closure of our southern border and the orders put in place by Donald Trump.  Biden refused to complete the border wall and sold off materials that were to be used for the wall.

For the last three and a half years, every member of the Biden administration from Biden to Alejandro Mayorkas to Karine Jean-Pierre has insisted the southern border was secure.  Only within the last few months did Biden admit there might be a problem at the southern border.  Also keep in mind, Biden has insisted he could not do what he just did through Executive Order.  Of course, Biden’s Executive Order is meaningless.  It allows almost 2 million illegals into the country annually.  We are already on track to spend $1 TRILLION to pay for the Social Security and Medicare costs of the illegals who have poured across our “secure” border at Joe Biden’s invitation.  Both are in poor financial shape and were teetering on the edge of fiscal ruin well before the strain of 15 million illegal aliens was added. That doesn’t even begin to address the cost of housing the illegals by municipal and state governments and the increasing strain on our infrastructure.

The same people who have insisted for 3 ½ years that our southern borders are secure are the very same people who have been dead silent since an illegal alien from Venezuela, a member of a gang, shot two New York City policemen.  Not vetting the people we let across our border has already caused needless loss of life.

Biden did what he always insisted he couldn’t do with his bogus Executive Order because he’s down in the polls and the American people are deeply unhappy about the mess he’s created.

Even the pinheads at CNN have just recently acknowledged the border crisis is a real threat to Biden’s reelection.  Duh.  CNBC and the Marquette University Law School, no right-wing polling outfit, show Trump enjoys a 27 point advantage among voters who trust him to deal with the border issues rather than Biden.  Trump also has a 3-point lead among immigrant voters over Biden.

Nobody ever accused the CNN folks of being smart.  They were clearly shocked by the results of the poll.  What do they expect?  Remember how inflation was transitory?  Yep, they told us that as it sat down beside us and moved in with no sign of leaving like a mother-in-law.  What they expect is all of us to drink the Kool-Aid because they told us to.

They think everybody is jumping up and down and clapping their hands for story-time with drag queens, being told they have to get rid of their gas stoves and lawnmowers, and get ready for a fleet of electric vehicles the average American can’t afford without the necessary recharging stations and a super dependency upon China to supply us with the batteries.  Nor have they figured out how to dispose of the batteries once they have expired.

These people are idiots, and they only lie when their lips move and, yes, most of us have noticed it.


More Liberal Lies

Lying brings us to our next topic.

“Americans were aggressively bullied, shamed and silenced for merely questioning or debating issues such as social distancing, masks, vaccines, or the origins of COVID.  And it should not have been the case that Americans were forced to comply with oppressive mandates, when those who chose to illegally cross over our southern border were not.” That’s part of a statement made by Congressman Brad Wenstrup of Ohio at a hearing last week featuring Mr. Science himself, Anthony Fauci.

Anthony Fauci, who clearly sees himself as the embodiment of science, testified at a hearing last week and drew fire from skeptical Republican congressmen.  Democrats generally did what they could to protect Fauci.  There were a few interesting things to come from the hearing.  Wenstrup, who is a doctor, said the federal government during the pandemic was one of “the most invasive regimes of domestic policy the U. S. has ever seen.”  Fauci was picking his words very carefully and insists there was no funding of gain-of-function research funded by the NIH through the Wuhan lab.  That was already contradicted by Fauci’s former boss and an underling who admitted he did everything he could to skirt the Freedom of Information Act regulations.

Nobody can be surprised to hear Fauci’s admission that the six-foot distancing, which was accepted as the holy-of-holies by the left, was not based in science, nor was masking children.  Turns out there was a heck of a lot of guessing going on, although they stomped on anyone or anything that questioned their edicts.  Turns out a lot of these folks at the NIH were the same kind of doctor as Granny Clampett and they cyphered less well than Jethro.


Spiders And Snakes

Then comes the exciting news flying spiders as big as the palm of a man’s hand are coming to the East Coast.  They are venomous and even better, they can fly by spinning webs like parachutes.  They are coming from China.

I heard about that after hearing there is a snake-like fish that can breathe air and remain out of the water for hours.  It’s aggressive, too and a predator.   They are native to Asia and now there have been four of the critters caught in Missouri.

Apparently, these varmints must have got loose with the bat Tony Fauci thinks invented Covid.