Publisher’s Positions

By Steve Hunley

Quote of the Week

“The attorney general’s case in New York frankly should never have been brought.

“If his name was not Donald Trump and if he wasn’t running for president. . . I’m the former AG of New York, and I’m telling you that case would have never been brought.  That’s what is offensive to people, and it should be because if there’s anything left, it’s the belief in the justice system.

“And you want to talk about a threat to democracy: when you have this country believing you’re playing politics with the justice system and you’re trying to put people in jail or convict them for political reasons, then we have a real problem.”

-Mario Cuomo

Former governor of New York (D) – On “Real Time With Bill Maher.”


The Squad: Minus One

Jamaal Bowman, the former middle school principal who could have served as the poster child for exactly what a parent should not have wanted his/her child to be, got beat last week inside the Democratic primary.

Bowman is the same congressman who pulled the fire alarm to delay a vote in the House and later lied about it, evidently not realizing it was on video tape.  Bowman was later fined in a DC court.  Bowman denied women and girls had been raped by the Palestinian terrorists during the October 7 attack on Israel, a position he apologized for shortly before the primary election.  Also, before the primary Bowman held a bizarre rally with Alexandria Ocasio Cortez and Bernie Sanders dressed in a muscle shirt and shorts while delivering a profanity laced rant dropping both the “F” bomb and the “MF” bomb repeatedly while pounding the stage with a stool.  He looked like an overly large, deranged child having a tantrum on the playground.

AOC was just as bizarre, prancing and jumping and screaming.  The “Squad” is known for their progressive politics and blatant antisemitism, the likes of which haven’t been seen since Hitler’s Third Reich.  A pro-Israel PAC spent money promoting Bowman’s primary opponent, which seemed to shock Jamaal, AOC and their fellow Squad members.

The Squad members are about as apologetic about their antisemitism as the Nazis were.


Biden: Are You Going To Believe Me or Your Lying Eyes?

The Biden campaign dodged one question like a class of second graders playing dodge ball just before last Thursday night’s presidential debate.  That question was Joe Biden going to take any performance enhancing drugs.  The Biden campaign twice dodged the question.   Lauren Hitt gave a hysterical answer which was: “Donald Trump is so scared of being held accountable for his toxic agenda of attacking reproductive freedom and cutting Social Security that he and his allies are using desperate, obviously false lies.”  Her statement was a good indication of obviously desperate lies, especially for a candidate who has told more whoppers than Ananias who lied to God and fell down dead.

Biden has insisted for 3 ½ years the southern border is secure.  Biden pretended an executive order to tighten border security was of questionable legality, something that never bothered him when he went ahead to forgive more student debt after the courts had ruled it unconstitutional.  The law was crystal clear that he had the authority to issue an executive order and Biden knew it.

Biden told the tall tale of his “Uncle Bosie” being eaten by cannibals.  Biden said his uncle was flying the plane in a combat mission over New Guinea during World War II, was shot down and then devoured by cannibals.  The Pentagon keeps records.  Uncle Bosie wasn’t flying the plane, but was a passenger when both engines failed, meaning it wasn’t shot down, and it crashed into the Pacific Ocean.  Bosie may have been eaten by sharks, but not by cannibals as Joe said.

Karine Jean-Pierre sighed, “The president had an emotional and, I think, a symbolic moment.”  Jean-Pierre has mighty few tricks in her repertoire, all of which come down to hollering about systemic racism or climate change.

Biden also tells us the economy is booming and the corporate media acts as if most of us are crazy when we don’t agree.  What’s in your wallet?


UT Housing… Supply And Demand

Randy Boyd, UT’s president, has a new 5-year extension to remain in office and one of his goals is to have 71,000 students at the university by 2030.  Of course, while not all of them would be attending the UT campus, that means the thousands of new students coming to go to school in Knoxville and Knox County would have to have a place to live, which will drive the cost of living and rent up even more.  It will be a boon to developers and not so much to homeowners.  It might also squeeze out young families and make it impossible for some working families to rent a home, much less own one.

Few of our local political leaders seem to be taking notice, but they will have to face it sooner rather than later.  The City of Knoxville has been turned down for federal funds for the proposed third bridge to connect South Knoxville to Neyland Stadium.  Mayor Indya Kincannon says she has not given up hope for building the bridge and promises it won’t unduly burden city taxpayers.  Yeah, right.


Another Bad Bug

There has been an outbreak of the shigella bacteria among the homeless population

Santa Clara County, California.  Local health department officials say the outbreak has something to do with the Guadalupe River, which runs by the homeless encampment.  The germs from the shigella bacteria are usually found in feces and exposure can result in several very unpleasant symptoms.  The shigella infection can also be spread through sexual contact, shared drinking, etc.