By Steve Hunley

No More Gender

For some years, an element of the Democratic Party, especially those “woke” folks have told us there is no such thing as gender.  One nutcake out there says parents who identify the gender of their unborn child are committing child abuse.  The mere notion someone would call parents finding out the gender of their unborn child is some form of child abuse is deranged.  I can’t imagine how anyone could even take that kind of nonsense seriously.

Now the Democrats in the U. S. House of Representatives are basically saying there are no fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, etc.  There is no gender.  Keep in mind, these are precisely the same loons who love to croon, “Follow the science!” or “The science is real!”  Evidently biology must not be a science any longer because Virginia, yes there really are biological differences between men and women and boys and girls.  If there are no longer any genders, is there even such a thing as gay people?  Is there such a thing as straight people?  By definition, homosexuals are those who love people of the same gender, but uh oh, wait…there’s no such thing as genders.  So if that’s true, we need to find a new word for it, because with no genders, we’re all in the same boat.

Can there be equal rights for women if there are no genders?  Should the Gender Equality Act be repealed?  Is there such a thing as “trans” people if there are no genders?  Again, the very same people who say science is real are insisting there is no such thing as gender.

Maybe that means Joe Biden is the first lady president  and Kamala Harris is the first man of Indian descent to be vice president?

The idea someone can identity as a man today and is a woman on Thursday is, to be polite about it, utterly ridiculous.  More likely the people pushing this notion are just plain nuts.  It will be a wonder if they aren’t collectively devoured by ravenous squirrels.

Yes, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, She-Who-Must-Be-Obeyed, decided the biggest priority for the newly elected U.S. House of Representatives was eliminating “gendered language” from the rules.  Not the COVID pandemic, not worrying about delivery of the vaccine to the American people, not repairing or helping the crippled economy caused by the coronavirus, or anything like that.  Nope, Nancy and the House Democrats thought the most pressing problem in the country today is getting rid of gendered language.  That’s pretty much how the new session of Congress began.

The folks who purr “That’s not who we are” are so in touch with the feelings of Americans they aren’t that concerned about practical things like jobs or putting food on the table.  The same woman who scoffed at the Trump tax cuts as “crumbs” yet termed the $600 “stimulus” payments as “significant” is here to lead the way out of the wilderness.  That Nancy Pelosi, she of the $25,000 refrigerator who considers herself a connoisseur of dark chocolate and keeps a horde of $90 per gallon ice cream in that fancy fridge, is apparently so in touch with what the American people need, want and demand.  She’s still the same Nancy Pelosi who thought you ought to be locked down but the salon should be open for her.  Nutty Nancy did achieve a new milestone, she’s the oldest person ever to be elected Speaker of the House.

Nope, no more “Mom” or “Dad”, there are no “uncles” or “aunts”, no “brothers” or “sisters”, only parent/s, sibling/s and “parent’s sibling.”  So are you all ready to have your kids call you by your first name?  No more, “Hey, Mom!”  Get used to the far more inclusive, “Hey, Parent” or perhaps, “Hiya, Nadine.”  “Hiya, Phil.”

Believe it or not, the Democrats are so delusional they are actually bragging about their “accomplishment.”  Pelosi described the rule change as “the most inclusive in history.”  I don’t know how inclusive is unless just dumping things together is now the definition of inclusive.

Congressman Jim McGovern of Massachusetts almost swooned as he Tweeted, “I’m proud to start the 117th Congress by drafting these historic rule changes.”  I wonder if Pelosi still refers to herself by those awful discriminatory female pronouns?  Do you reckon her grandchildren call her “Grandparent”?

Of course the change won the approval of Alexandria Oscasio-Cortez, but she’s a moron, so that can’t be a surprise to anyone.  The idea for the change in the rules is supposed to have originated with the House Office of Diversity and Inclusion.  Just think, somebody in Washington, D.C. is making something like $150,000 annually (God knows it could be much more) to sit around and justify their job by thinking up stuff like this.  The change in the rules also made the House Office of Diversity and Inclusion permanent.  Aren’t you relieved?  I imagine that’s been on the minds of tens of millions of Americans, changing the rules of the House of Representatives to eliminate gendered language.  Yes, biology is still a science and the leftists and “woke” idiots can pretend there’s no such thing, which borders on insanity.

My dog is a girl and her name is Sophie, not Bob.


David Hayes, who ran for City Council in 2019 and is likely to run against Councilman Tommy Smith in South Knoxville again next year, has a hashtag #F—k thePolice”.  It’s supposed to be part of “Knoxvillians  Against Injustice” but the hashtag is a terrible injustice against the police, the great majority of whom are hard-working, fine people.

KUB Blues

The recent snow-related power outage all across Knox County was an abject lesson that someone needs to send the Knoxville Utilities Board a message which needs to be heard loud and clear.  In full disclosure, my wife and I sat in the dark for about five hours on Christmas Eve.  At least one of my friends and his partner had no power (and no, they are close to downtown in the City of Knoxville) for about 2 1/2 days.

Have you noticed when you call to report a power outage, the KUB recorded message cheerfully tells you that you can go online and check your status, etc.  The KUB Board needs to realize there are tens of thousands of people who don’t have smart phones, so no, they can’t go online when the power is out.

The folks out doing the actual hard work on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day (and for days afterward) deserve more appreciation and thanks than words will allow.  All of us are grateful to you for your efforts on behalf of your customers.  You folks at the top of the KUB food chain, however, are a bit of a different story.  Not only doesn’t everyone in the world use a “smart” phone, but there really is no substitute for having an actual human being answering the phone when the power is out.  With a budget of almost $1 BILLION (bet most of you readers didn’t know that), you can afford to have somebody answering your phones during emergencies.  It provides comfort for many and the most vulnerable group without smartphones are almost always the elderly and the poor.  Automation is never a real substitute for actual, real, live human beings.

KUB Board members think about your consumers and while you’ll never work as hard as the men and women of your workforce, do something for the people who pay for everything.  You can afford it.

Comparing Mayors

When our congressman, Tim Burchett, was Knox County mayor, he rode around everywhere with the road crews when it snowed.  Burchett fielded questions, called to check on folks and stayed on the move.  Tim Burchett never rested until the weather had passed.  Indya Kincannon played in the snow with her family and posted pictures on social media.  There’s a nice contrast in leadership styles and “hands on” government.  That’s a big part of the reason why Tim Burchett is our congressman; he really does care about the people he represents and not just at election time.  There isn’t an elitist bone in his body.