By Steve Hunley

Comings & goings

Joe Biden made his pitch to increase corporate taxes in our country beyond that of every civilized country on the face of God’s green earth except for Colombia and Portugal.  Biden proposes to go beyond even what Communist China taxes its own corporations.

About the only thing poor Old Joe can do any longer is read from his teleprompter and he can’t do that very well.  Of course Biden pandered to the socialists in his party by saying he merely wanted corporations and the wealthiest folks in the country to pay their fair share.  That sounds good, doesn’t it?  What American doesn’t believe in fair?  Well, aside from socialists of course.  Did you know the top 1% pay 40% of all the income taxes in this country?  Old Joe never mentioned that as I recall.

Old Joe is proposing to spend $5.5 TRILLION over a ten year period, along with an extra TRILLION for his infrastructure initiative, which has less to do with infrastructure than it is a grab bag of socialist goodies and panaceas.  Only about a third of the infrastructure goes for things that were actually infrastructure- related.

Nor did Old Joe explain just why it’s a brilliant idea to spend $6.5 TRILLION more dollars as Americans are doing their best to keep up with spiraling inflation.  I can’t imagine anybody thinks that’s a good idea, except perhaps a handful of socialists.  Old Joe claims corporations don’t pay taxes.  That’s just not true.  Biden also said the Trump tax cuts will eventually blow up the deficit.  I can’t believe Joe Biden could keep a straight face talking about blowing up the deficit.

The record profits we were seeing before COVID came along with record tax revenue collections precisely because of the tax cuts.  It was John F. Kennedy, a Democrat, who proposed to cut the top income tax rate from 91% to 65% and lower corporate tax rates from 52% to 47%.  The Trump tax cuts brought record-low unemployment, actually lowered poverty and helped minority groups and working Americans.  It also gave businesses more money to plow into hiring more people, creating more jobs, and putting more money into the pockets of working families.

Democrats would be hard pressed to improve upon the visual of Nancy Pelosi standing in her kitchen in front of her $25,000 refrigerator, eating $12 per-pint ice cream.  Pelosi of course is the same person who dismissed the Trump tax cuts as “crumbs.”  These are the very same people who get on planes and fly to luxury destinations while telling you that you have to stay inside, can’t go out to eat, and certainly can’t go to church.  These are the same people who tell you to mask up while they sit at super expensive restaurants wearing a smile and eating with their friends.  And speaking of Pelosi, she was the lady who went to a shuttered shop so her hairdresser could fix her up irrespective of it being closed.  Nor was Nancy masked up.

Oh, and did you know Old Joe and the Democrats in Congress want to increase your taxes to spend $78 BILLION more dollars hiring folks for the IRS?

Did you see Slippery Jen Psaki slip and slide to avoid directly answering a question posed by a reporter who wanted to know if Biden was telling the truth when he said all of his advisors favored his plan to leave Afghanistan?  With footwork like that, she’ll be on Dancing With the Stars any day now.

Joy Reid has to be the most insane person with her own television show in America, which is saying something in the age of reality television.  Known for her homophobic rants, which the Left does its best to ignore, Reid went on a tear last week that sailed right past bizarre and landed squarely on deranged.  The thesis of Reid’s thinking (for lack of a better word) was that Republicans love the Corona virus.  The GOP is, according to Joy – – – probably the most profoundly misnamed woman in the world – – – nothing but “a creepy little COVID-loving death cult.”  Then Joy just flat lost what passes for her mind.  “Ok, we get it!” Reid cried.  “COVID is the precious and you love it.  You love COVID so much you want it to spread into schools, at the office, in the Walmart, on the cruise ships and in the club.  That great spongy ball with the red spikes, you want it pumping through your veins with an Ivermectin chaser.  Why do you love it so dadgum much?  We have absolutely no bloody idea.”  You can pretty much take that last sentence and apply it to most anything where good Ol’ Joy is concerned.

Chic in a leopard skin print top and her hair curled and dyed an interesting shade of orange, Reid squalled, “But here’s the thing you weirdos – – – everyone else hates COVID!”

Incidentally, the discovery of Ivermectin won the Nobel Prize, something Joy Reid will never do.

The comments came pouring in after Reid’s lurid performance.  Among the quotes were she is a “terrible person” while another gentle soul kindly suggested she has a “mental problem” and should be confined to a hospital.  You think?  As a friend of mine likes to say, “I think the Mad Cow got her…”


Bud Armstrong kick off

Richard “Bud” Armstrong, one of the most popular officeholders, past or present, in Knox County, is kicking off his bid to serve as Knox County Chancellor, Part Two.  The Armstrong campaign will kick-off with a fundraising reception at Calhoun’s on the River, Thursday, September 30 from 4:30 – 6:30 p.m.

Armstrong served as Knox County’s Law Director for eight years and remains personally popular with rank and file Republicans.

The Focus’s own Ray Hill will be speaking to the Eighth District Republican Club at 6:00 p.m. on September 28 in the cafeteria at Carter High School.  Our resident historian will be speaking about his column in this newspaper and everybody is welcome.