By Steve Hunley


Out of Touch Local Democrat

One Democrat candidate for County Mayor, Debbie Helsley, has announced what everybody locally has been waiting for: her solution to climate change.  A press release heralding Helsley’s “Bold Climate Agenda for Knox County” has made the rounds, which touts “making ambitious carbon reduction commitments to replacing green spaces destroyed by urban removal.”  Just consider it a Little Green New Deal for Knox County.  Local Democrats are just as out of touch as national Democrats.

While working families struggle to pay their bills due to Joe Biden’s rampant inflation and prices at the fuel pump soar, Democrats are talking about a local climate agenda.

It may well be a ploy to carry Helsley through the primary and party chair Matt Shears is begging Democrats to vote in their own primary rather than crossing over to vote in the Republican primary contests.  That’s pretty much an open admission the Democrat candidates are something less than spectacular, but we already knew that.


More Out of Touch Democrats

The border crisis has become so acute – – – and coincidentally with the midterm elections looming – – – Democrats are openly abandoning Biden.  Biden’s approval ratings are continuing to sink like a stone and even the corporate news organizations seem to acknowledge reality is beginning to set in.  Since Joe Biden has assumed office, the mainstream media has deliberately ignored the scandals surrounding Biden’s administration and his son, Hunter.  The mainstream media tried to smooth over or explain away Biden’s continuous gaffes and, as they did with Barack Obama, gush over the equivalent of a five-year-old tying his own shoes for the first time.

The oftentimes blatantly untrue and just plain asinine narratives pushed by the media and the Biden administration are frequently insulting to the intelligence of Americans.  The first thing to come to mind is the “Putin price hike.”  The notion Americans would actually believe Putin was the cause of the out-of-control inflation and the ever-increasing prices we pay at the fuel pump is absurd.  Joe Biden had declared war on energy from the very beginning and we’re now feeling the effects of that stupid and self-defeating policy.  We’ve even seen the same type of approach locally as when then-City Councilwoman Stephanie Welch acknowledged city policy hoped to encourage people to stop driving their cars.

The one thing I think any person whose brain is still emitting even the feeblest of waves has surmised by now is that Vladimir Putin and Communist China don’t give a flying fig about carbon emissions.  Nor do they give a fig about woke anything.  Perhaps that explains why Joe Biden’s foreign policy (Afghanistan, Ukraine, etc.) has been as extravagantly incompetent as the rest of his administration.

Perry Bacon, Jr., a columnist for the Washington Post, has acknowledged “Bidenism is failing.  The question is how badly.”  From where I sit, pretty durn badly.  But let’s not forget “Bidenism” is basically a confection made up of the rainbow stew and hopes and dreams of the elitist and brainless far left in this country.  These are the very same people who want to eliminate the concept of punishing people for the crimes they have committed unless, of course, the accused happened to be law enforcement professionals.

Just how out of touch the mainstream media is can be easily illustrated by how they are just now figuring out the crap they have been trying to spoon feed the American people is not being swallowed.  Far from it.  Folks are getting increasingly angry.


Mask Hypocrisy

Perhaps another example of the sheer idiocy of the Biden administration is the insistence upon wearing masks while on airplanes (just struck down by a federal judge) and at the same time trying to kill off Title 42 and the hemorrhaging at our southern border.  The hypocrisy of insisting that folks should mask up for safety while allowing literally hundreds of thousands of people carrying the virus to pour over our borders and disappear inside the country boggles the mind.  No rational person can possibly reconcile it.

Even some Democrats are beginning to wake up.  Senator Catherine Cortez Masto of Nevada, facing a serious challenge from Republican Adam Laxalt, has long been a harsh critic of utilizing Title 42 to control illegal immigration.  Now being hard-pressed to win reelection, Cortez-Masto is having second thoughts.

Most Americans likely don’t realize in times of a public health emergency, the Public Health Code of Title 42 gives the CDC the authority to restrict entry into the United States.  The Biden administration is now appealing the decision of the judge who struck down the mask mandates for airplanes while continuing to ignore the threat to the public health and safety at the border.  At the same time the Biden administration is seeking to restore the mask mandate, it is also insisting on doing away with Title 42.


Liberal Policies Cause Huge Increase in Crime

The effort by the Left to defund, disarm and abolish the police has had an especially deadly impact on the Black and Latino communities.  Fox News has reported a 43% increase in murders in the Black community in 2020, as compared to the previous 10-year average.  Those statistics are proof that the progressives and Black Lives Matter, who claimed defunding the police would protect minority groups, has accomplished precisely the opposite.  The policies advocated by progressives are best easily summarized as pro-criminal and anti-law enforcement.

The New York Post recently noted the comment made by Bill Bratton, who headed the Los Angeles Police Department following two terms as the chief of the New York Police Department, on a podcast.  “The scales right now are tipped very heavily in favor of the reforms of the progressive left. . .and what we have as a result is this growing fear of crime, this growing actual amount of crime in almost every American city.”  As pointed out by New York City Mayor Eric Adams, a Democrat, who readily acknowledged trust issues between some in the Black community and law enforcement.  Mayor Adams flatly stated “. . .we can’t rebuild that trust by allowing those who are dangerous and that have a repeated history of violence to continue to be on our streets.”

Escalating crime and murder rates have been exacerbated by prosecutors and some legislators who advocate for extreme leniency for criminals, as well as reducing punishments through the law.  Those same violent criminals are put back on the streets to victimize law-abiding and innocent folks.

That same attitude seems prevalent in the campaign platform of our local Democrat candidate for District Attorney General.  Jackson Fenner, who unsuccessfully challenged Law Director David Buuck two years ago, is off and running against incumbent DA Charme Allen.  Fenner seems more interested in prosecuting cops than criminals.

The Democrats here in Knox County are every bit as out of touch with reality, law-abiding and working folks as Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer.  Don’t doubt it for a single second.