By Steve Hunley

Republicans Gain Momentum

More than 1 million voters in 43 states have changed their voter registration in the last year to Republican.  That’s according to an analysis done by the Associated Press.  “The previously unreported number reflects a phenomenon that is playing out in virtually every region of the country – – – Democratic and Republican states along with cities and small towns – – -,” the AP story reported.

The shift is apparently quite pronounced in the suburbs where once GOP voters appear to return to the Republican Party.  Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Atlanta and Denver suburbs have seen dramatic changes in voter registration.  Republicans have also made significant gains in cities like Augusta, Georgia, Raleigh, North Carolina, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, and Des Moines, Iowa.

Previously Democrats had enjoyed a slight edge nationally.  Last year, more than a million people changed their party affiliation to Republican as compared to some 630,000 who became Democrats.

Suburban parents have been particularly motivated by frustrations involving school bureaucracies, especially during the COVID crisis.  The baby formula shortage has been a source of concern to parents, as has the escalating inflation during the Biden administration’s war on fossil fuels.


Hey Debbie…

‘All Politics Is Local’

The campaign of Debbie Helsey for Knox County Mayor has Tweeted: “Abortion is popular.  Gun reform is popular.  Clean air is popular.  Democracy is popular.”  The mayoral candidate’s social media statement goes on to castigate the Supreme Court of the United States, saying, “They (the Supreme Court) are taking advantage of defects in our institutions to advance the views of a morally deficient minority.”

Helsley got several hot replies, including one that stated: “You have it backward.  Condoning the murder of an unborn child is morally deficient.”  Another posted: “They’re not morally deficient.  You are.  Don’t murder babies, Debbie.”

Mayor Glenn Jacobs released a statement.  “Democrats used to say that abortion should be safe, legal, and rare.  My opponent says that abortion is popular and if you don’t see it that way, you are apparently among a morally deficient minority.  You’d expect this kind of unhinged rhetoric from someone running for mayor of San Francisco or Chicago, but not Knox County, Tennessee,” Mayor Jacobs said.

Helsley’s statement is eerily reminiscent of Hillary’s comment in 2016 about the “basket of deplorables.”

Aborting (killing) babies up to the moment of labor is not popular.  Record high gas prices are not popular.  10% and continually moving upward inflation on goods and services is not popular.  Joe Biden is not popular.  Politicians who damn democracy and loathe free speech, yet claim to support it are not popular.

It is telling that the Democrats and the Helsey campaign are trying to nationalize the county mayor’s race.  They can find nothing to batter Mayor Glenn Jacobs about locally and in an effort to turn out their base inside the City of Knoxville, they prattle about national issues.  The truth is even the Democrats realize Debbie Helsley has as much chance of winning the August election as Joe Biden has in remaining atop his bicycle.


Potty-Mouth Kate

Speaking of bikes, Katherine Bike, Democrat candidate for the board of education from the 4th District (West Knox and Sequoyah Hills) posted an expletive-laden diatribe on her Facebook account unbecoming a candidate for the education of children.  Is that really what voters want in someone to represent them on the board of education?  Someone needs to wash out mommy’s potty-mouth.

The voters of the Fourth District have a clear choice in Will Edwards, a father of two and a lawyer, or “Potty-Mouth Kate.”


Unbelievable But True

Benito Madrigal, 19, and Jose Zendejas, 25, have been arrested in California for drug trafficking.  The two were carrying more than 150,000 fentanyl pills, which is enough to kill literally millions of people.  The two were released by the Tulare County (California) Sheriff’s Department a few days after their arrest.  The Tulare Sheriff’s Department received an order to release both men on their own recognizance.  Sheriff Mike Boudreaux loudly expressed his dismay and disagreement with the decision made by the Risk Assessment higher-ups to let the duo go.


More Unbelievable But True

The West Hollywood City Council just voted to defund the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Office in spite of the fact crime has risen 137% earlier this year.  The vote was 3-2.  Five fewer sheriff’s deputies will be patrolling the community as a result.  The council funded a cultural festival instead.

Now some council members are saying their decision to defund the sheriff’s department and have fewer deputies patrolling the neighborhoods will actually increase public safety.  Yes, citizens will be safer because funding and staffing will be implemented for “block by block patrols” or unarmed “security ambassadors.”

Council member John D’Amico explained they had not cut anything having to do with public safety.  “It’s a rebalance of a lopsided system focused on arrests instead of safety.  Giving the sheriffs more time during their days to fight and work on crime while our security ambassadors help our homeless population, provide assistance and security at a more personal level.”

The safety and security of the people who pay the taxes come last, as per usual with those folks.


Thankful for July the Fourth

Everyone at The Knoxville Focus wants to wish you, our readers, a happy Fourth of July week.  It is a time to celebrate our country, its past and the hope for its future.  I think the words of the brilliant Edward Everett who spoke on the 4th of July as Americans began fighting its Civil War:

“We contend for the great inheritance of constitutional freedom transmitted from our revolutionary fathers. We engage in the struggle forced upon us, with sorrow, as by our misguided brethren, but with high heart and faith….”

Let us all agree on love of our country and pray for God’s continued blessings upon us and our nation.  I also pray for God’s blessings upon our readers.  Thank you for reading.