By Steve Hunley


Double Standards?

During the May Republican primary, Erik Wiatr was running the campaign of Steve Weiner against Commissioner Larsen Jay.  Weiner, who has all the personality of a dead pet rock, castigated Jay in mailers for having voted in the 2008 Democratic presidential primary.  That primary was between two candidates largely anathema to Republicans: Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.  Now Wiatr is running the campaign of perennial candidate Elaine Davis, who is running for the Tennessee House of Representatives against Janet Testerman this year.  Davis also voted in the 2008 Democratic presidential primary, presumably for either Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton.  Evidently, Wiatr’s principles remain intact touting a candidate who did the very same thing he excoriated another candidate for.  But then again. Wiatr probably was voting in the 2008 Democratic presidential primary himself.


Where is Daniel?

Someone has finally posted Daniel Herrera’s picture on a milk carton.  A post by “Parson Brownlow” has been spreading like a wildfire in drought-season.  The post notes Herrera has largely been missing throughout this entire election season.  Folks have noticed Herrera’s disappearance and the fact he hasn’t been seen at various functions.

Herrera, who benefitted from a crowd produced by Erik Wiatr, triumphed at the packed GOP convention, along with a ticket comprised of Elaine Davis for vice chair, Steve Weiner for secretary, and Rob Gray for treasurer.  One by one, the rest of the ticket has disappeared from the local party leadership, trying to get themselves elected to various posts.  Weiner, as noted, was recruited by Erik Wiatr to run against Larsen Jay; Elaine Davis is off and running for the state house again after finagling a change in the party rules to allow her to abandon her post in a “leave of absence” situation.  Rob Gray is running for the Tennessee State Republican Executive Committee, as is former party chair and Herrera mentor Randy Pace.

That left Daniel.

Most Knox County Republicans are worried Herrera will be located by anxious Democrats and brought back pronto.


Odd Mailers and School Board Races

Mailers paid for by the Knox Coalition for Great Schools have hit mailboxes warning voters that “Radical liberals are voting in record numbers. . .” which may be a bit of an overstatement.  The mailer warns voters they need to ensure “kids are protected from political indoctrination” and urges them to go vote.  There is no mention of any particular candidate.  It seems like an odd bit of advertising to me as it doesn’t identify those candidates who support the rights of parents in government schools.

The races for the board of education are critical.  Will Edwards, a local lawyer, is running for the seat from the 4th District against Katherine Bike, who had published an expletive-laden post on her social media.  Edwards is level-headed, believes parents have rights and understands the issues facing the board members.  Will Edwards is an exemplary candidate for public office.

Steve Triplett is running to represent the 7th District and faces Dominique Oakley, who is running in the general election as an Independent.

Kristi Kristy has chaired the board of education during a really difficult year and done a respectable job.  Kristy works hard to represent the parents and voters in South Knoxville’s 9th District.  Kristy’s opponent, Anabel Henley, works for the Knox County Health Department, and is all in for teachers’ unions over the rights of parents.


Democrats Constantly Changing Definitions

Democrats and their allies in the national media don’t just keep moving the goal post, they move the stadium without notice.  Democrats are not merely trying to give old words new meanings, but rather changing the definition of the word altogether.  For example, they don’t believe in “mothers” or “Moms”, but prefer “birthing person” instead.  That whack job Berkeley professor whose name I can’t quite remember, warns us if we don’t accept that terminology, we are transphobic and endangering the lives of trans people.  I call bull feathers.  The good professor is either delusional or insane, take your pick.

The latest attempt by the Biden administration and their allies in the media to change the definition of a word surrounds the “R” word: recession!  No, they tell us, we aren’t in a recession when the accepted definition has always been two quarters where the economy has shrunk.  Sleepy Old Joe points to job growth, which has never come back to the level pre-pandemic before everything was shut down and businesses closed.

Biden claims to be working to bring down inflation when there is no single individual in the United States more personally responsible for taking money out of the pockets of working Americans.  The average working American family is spending about $3,400 more per year because of the Democrat inflation.  And just like Knoxville Mayor Indya Kincannon, Joe Biden and the Democrats in Congress are poised to raise taxes in yet another big spending bill largely having to do with climate change.  The bill is likely to pass because West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin has apparently finally caved.  It will not only make the inflation worse, but also raise the price of consumer goods because the higher corporation taxes will be passed along to the consumers, and it will cause thousands of Americans to lose their jobs.  Even Barack Obama once stated governments should never raise taxes during a recession.

Virtually every important pronouncement made by Joe Biden and his kind has proven not to be true.  He’s the same guy who said take the Covid vaccine and you won’t get the virus.  Turned out not to be true.  Biden has brazenly stuck the label on his new spending bill as the “anti-inflation bill.”  Wow. And the beat goes on.