By Steve Hunley

New County Commission Chair

Congratulations to Larsen Jay, the newly elected Chairman of the Knox County Commission! It was a victory for the new over the old, with Jay winning the chairmanship over veteran commissioner Randy Smith. While Smith had already served one stint as commission chair, perhaps the biggest point of contention for many commissioners was the fact Randy Smith is an employee of County Mayor Glenn Jacobs. It’s hardly a secret the mayor’s office, if not Jacobs, was pretty put out when Commissioner At-Large Larsen Jay successfully pushed through a bonus for sheriff’s deputies. In retrospect, especially with the looting and burning going on throughout much of the country, as well as the constant demeaning and denigration of law enforcement by Democrats and the far left, Jay’s insistence upon funding the bonus seems awfully smart right about now.

The rumors are rampant that once again, the mayor’s office is pretty peeved by Smith’s loss and Larsen Jay’s victory.


Gibbs Is Still Growing

It’s no surprise to any of us who live in Gibbs, but others seem shocked the Gibbs community is continuing to grow at a rapid place. Some of you may not remember the opposition to building a new middle school in the Gibbs community, which was successfully championed by Mike McMillan, our school board member, and then-mayor Tim Burchett. There was that silly study, much-quoted by opponents of building a new Gibbs Middle School, that said Gibbs likely could not support a new middle school. Nobody who lived here believed that, least of all me. Mike McMillan likes to point out the school opened at almost full capacity and the community continues to grow.


Willie, No You Didn’t!

Willie Brown is the former Speaker of the House of the California State Assembly. Brown served for more than 30 years in the California State Assembly and was Speaker of that body for 15 years. Willie Brown was also the mayor of San Francisco, as well as a young Kamala Harris’s… I’m going to be polite… boyfriend. It was a relationship that sure paid off for Kamala; Brown got her appointed to a number of high-paying posts and backed her when she ran as a law-and-order candidate for prosecuting attorney; yep, she’s kinda flip-flopped since then, raising bail money to get rioters out of jail. Willie dated Kamala (who was much, much younger) during the 1990s and dumped her right before running for mayor of San Francisco.

Now 86 years old, Willie Brown has a column in the San Francisco Chronicle and his column from a week ago Saturday was a humdinger. Willie’s gone and done it now. In his column, Willie’s World, the former mayor writes, “The biggest threat to a Democratic election sweep in November isn’t the Republican in the White House, but the demonstrators who are tearing up cities in the name of racial justice.” For those of you who don’t know, Willie is Black and he is a Democrat. He warned Joe Biden and the Democrats not to pick his former honey-bunny Kamala Harris as Biden’s running mate and the party ignored him once again. Some are beginning to worry that Democrats turning their collective heads — and the news media has gone right along with this pretense and lied their heads off — stoutly pretending all the protests have been peaceful. Some will very reluctantly say, Well, okay, if they haven’t been completely peaceful, the folks starting the violence, burning and looting were righteously agitated and it was probably white nationalists, not rioters looting and burning. The problem is, the story keeps changing and the supposition that the American people are stone-cold stupid is turning out not to be true, much to the dismay of the news media and the Democratic Party. In fact, for the longest time, I can’t remember a single Democrat decrying, much less condemning the violence and lawlessness. Not until Willie Brown’s column.

Even crazy Ted Wheeler, mayor of Portland, celebrated his 58th birthday with fireworks; now the celebratory fireworks were fired at the condo complex where Wheeler lives. The same rioters, who have wreaked havoc every night for months in Portland, who Wheeler coddled and complimented, showed their collective gratitude by trying to burn him out of his home. Nor did the rioters, whom Wheeler could have dispersed by allowing law enforcement officers to do their jobs and protect the lives and property of citizens, care at all about injuring, killing or destroying the homes of Wheeler’s fellow residents at his condo complex. It’s no surprise Wheeler sent a letter to his neighbors saying everyone is probably better off if he moved — and he paid more than $800,000 for the condo some years ago according to property records. More than likely, the condo homeowners’ association board strongly suggested Mayor Ted get out as quickly as possible. Ted Wheeler stood by for months, allowing the rioters to do whatever they pleased without regard for the safety of anyone else. It’s awfully hard to feel sorry for Ted Wheeler, who should, at the very least, be removed from office. What about the people who don’t have the money to move and are still threatened by the “protesters,” i.e. rioters?

The flamboyant Willie Brown gave Democrats some good advice months ago when he wrote defunding the police would be really bad public policy and terrible politics. Even here locally, we have some loud and obnoxious ultra- progressives who bark and howl at the moon as they snarl about police brutality and how we should defund the police department. The image of City Councilwoman Amelia Parker bravely inserting herself by attempting to direct working police officers, which council-people have no authority, legal or otherwise, to do, comes to mind. Parker recounted her adventures on Facebook, painting herself as the heroine of the story, clutching her city council ID as she tried to boss the officers around and simultaneously told us she feared for her life. Amelia, a “Democratic socialist,” wanted to start the process of cutting back the budget for KPD here.

Still, some of these same folks quiver like a bowl of Jell-O salad at the church social when some stranger shows up at their door. They begin thinking someone is casing their house to rob it and get nervous. And, if the neighborhood blogs are to be believed, crime is on the upswing. Millennials are stunned as they discover their bikes have been stolen right off their porches. People are finding their cars ransacked in their driveways and worse.

You reckon they don’t feel safe with a social worker instead?

Willie Brown is politically smarter than most of these ultra-leftist Democrats and his political IQ would be several times that of the entire Squad combined. Brown warns his fellow Democrats they need to actually denounce the violence occurring in the cities, which are governed by Democrats. “Biden and Harris really ought to decry and indicate how awful it is to engage in the kind of conduct that’s being translated into violence attributable to them,” Brown said.

Willie advised legitimate protesters to do their protesting during the day where observers could actually read the signs they are carrying. Then Willie went and did it again: “Nighttime protests are only designed to conceal who’s doing the protesting and what they intend to do.”

Willie Brown, as shrewd a politician as there ever was, thinks his fellow Democrats are handing Donald Trump and the Republicans a genuine issue that will make suburbanites, including suburban women, mighty nervous right around election time. If the Democrats were smart, they would listen to ol’ Willie.

Considering Kamala has been busy raising money to bail out rioters and Joe Biden rattles on about healing the soul of the country and hasn’t even noticed the rioting, destruction, looting and burning, maybe he doesn’t know. He sure wouldn’t hear about it on CNN, CBS, ABC, NBC, or MSNBC.


Biden Plays Blame Game

Well, at last Joe Biden did hear about the violence and rioting going on in the country. And now, Old Joe Biden is trying his best to blame Donald Trump for the rioting going on across the country. Yes, that’s exactly what he’s trying to do. I watched it with my own eyes and heard it with my own ears. The news media has trumpeted Biden’s blast at Trump, which is simply a lie. The governors of most of these states affected by rioting are Democrats. Universally, the cities where the rioting has occurred are governed by Democrats. Usually, there isn’t even a single Republican on the local governing bodies. The city council in Seattle has actual socialists as members. Not a Trump supporter to be found anywhere in the vicinity, much less in a position of power.

Finally, Joe got the gumption to actually fuss about rioting, but is lying about who’s to blame. I’ll tell you who’s to blame: the people doing the rioting and breaking the law. I’ll tell you who has abetted the rioting and made it worse: the governors and mayors like Jenny Durkan of Seattle who have failed to do their jobs. Remember, two people were killed in Seattle where a group of communists proclaimed downtown Seattle to be a new country. These mayors and governors wouldn’t let law enforcement agencies and officers do their jobs and still won’t. If Biden had an honest bone in his body, he’d call those failed officeholders out and hold them accountable for refusing to protect the people who elected them.

Trump has repeatedly offered help of every variety, just as he did during the worst of the coronavirus pandemic. The press wouldn’t report that either. The difference this time is the people have seen the failure of the Democrats governing these states and cities; the people have heard their repeated refusals of help to keep order and protect law abiding citizens. The people have watched and heard those officials repeatedly refuse to protect the businesses that provide income and jobs for the people.

What good ever came out of an angry mob? None, not a single thing. Now Joe Biden is trying to blame the rioting on Donald Trump? Really? Look in the mirror Joe, you and your friends are squarely to blame. You can’t unite the extremists in your own party posing as Democrats and you and your kind are too afraid to call them out, much less toss them out.