By Steve Hunley

Kevin McCarthy  Elected New House Speaker

House Republicans have officially nominated Kevin McCarthy to become Speaker of the House.  McCarthy was recently asked if he would keep his promise to remove Democrats Adam Schiff and Eric Swalwell from the Intelligence Committee, as well as antisemitic congresswoman Ilhan Omar from the House Foreign Affairs Committee.  McCarty didn’t hesitate to say that he would.  That has brought about much wailing and gnashing of teeth amongst Democrats.  Of course Democrats had removed some Republicans from committees previously and haven’t exactly been brimming over with good will to work together for the common good.

McCarthy pointed out that Eric Swalwell’s reputed dalliance with Chinese spy Fang Fang eliminated the Californian from serving on the House Intelligence Committee.  “One thing I have said from the very beginning, Eric Swalwell cannot get a security clearance in the public sector,” McCarthy said on Sunday Morning Futures on Fox News.  “Why would we ever give him security clearance and the secrets to America?  So I will not allow him to be on Intel.”

House Democrats had rejected a resolution sponsored by Republicans earlier to remove Eric Swalwell from the Intelligence Committee over the California congressman’s ties to the now vanished suspected spy.

Fang Fang had raised money for Swalwell’s campaign and had reportedly recommended an intern to work in the congressman’s office.

Another target for McCarthy was another congressman from California, the ubiquitous Adam Schiff.  McCarthy noted Schiff had “lied to the American public again and again” and who had chaired the House Intelligence Committee.

McCarthy also said he would seek to remove Ilhan Omar from the Foreign Affairs Committee because of her antisemitism.  When Omar created a firestorm with one of her comments, the congresswoman later apologized and thanked her colleagues in the House for having “educated [her] on the painful history of anti-Semitic tropes.”  Evidently, the lesson was for naught.

Of course, Omar retreats to wrapping herself in the cloak of anti-racism, claiming any criticism of her is naturally because of her skin color or religion.  It is astonishing to overlook her own anti-Semitism and pay any attention to her poor mouthing about her being the victim.

Even the people of her district are apparently tired of Omar, as she only barely won her own primary earlier this year.

The problem with doing whatever one pleases is, the same tactics can be used against you when you aren’t in the majority any longer. What goes around comes around.


Mainstream Media Bias Continues

Breaking news???  It only took CBS roughly 800 days to reach the same conclusion as the New York Times and the Washington Post, CNN and NBC that the laptop in question does indeed belong to Hunter Biden.  Is anybody surprised CBS only came to that conclusion and announced it two weeks after the midterm elections?

CBS was at the front of the pack in the mainstream media effort to sweep the laptop under the “Russian disinformation” rug.  It really is remarkable how many of these type of things that the media has stoutly insisted is “misinformation” has turned out to be factual and true.

Virtually the entire media apparatus in this country went into overdrive to discredit any information connected to the laptop, literally daring people not to believe their own eyes with the disgusting pictures Hunter Biden kept on his computer.

Naturally, nobody in the media bothered much to do anything about authenticating the laptop, but much later CNN’s own forensic experts verified emails as being genuine on Hunter’s laptop.  Most of the media’s usual curiosity dried up like a puddle in Death Valley.  They shunned the story.

Media types continue to vent their frustrations that the American people don’t hold them in esteem, nor give them much credibility.  One doesn’t have to exactly be a rocket scientist to figure out repeatedly being wrong, time and again, is a recipe for either being labeled a prophet or a seer.  As it trickles out that media higher ups deliberately refused to cover a story or ignore it, the trust factor evaporates pretty quickly.  The media’s credibility currently resembles nothing more than a boneyard.  And they did it to themselves.


Fauci Leaving and White House Reporters Muzzled

On that same topic, Anthony Fauci held what is likely his last press conference last week.  White House spokesperson Karine Jean-Pierre had a melt down when a reporter for the Daily Caller asked a question about the origins of the Coronavirus.  When Jean-Pierre sniffed she was “done”, Simon Ateba, a journalist from South Africa, said, “You need to call people across the room.  She has a valid question, she’s asked about the origin of COVID.”

“It’s not your turn,” Miss Jean-Pierre snapped.  “I hear your question, but we’re not doing this the way you want it.  This is disrespectful . . .  Simon, I’m done.  Simon, I’m done with you right now.  You’re taking time away from your colleagues.”

That won’t be the end of that conversation.


Inflation Continues

Consumers paid more to feed family and friends for Thanksgiving this year.  The cost of Thanksgiving dinner has risen 20% according to a new report from the Farm Bureau.  Previously, the estimate for feeding 10 people Thanksgiving dinner had been a record high a year ago, but it has risen more this year.  Inflation continues to grow; it is 7.7% higher than the previous October, with food prices having climbed 12.4% higher.

Welcome, Antonio! And Congratulations to Katie and Kyle

The Focus wants to wish Katie and Kyle Ward congratulations on the arrival of Antonio William Ward.  “Tony” is named for his maternal grandfather, while “William” is a Ward family name.  Tony arrived on November 19, arriving at a svelte 6 pounds and 5.5 ounces and standing tall at 21 inches.  Mom and baby are doing fine.  Tony is the first child for Katie and Kyle Ward and the Focus family all pray that the Lord will always Bless young Antonio William Ward.