By Steve Hunley


Don’t Throw Rocks…

While I don’t like or condone lying by politicians, what I hate even more is hypocrisy and there’s been more of that lately than there’s been lying, which is saying something.  Every Democrat and Leftist in the country is going on and on about Congressman George Santos, who sure has told some whoppers.  Yet none of these same people say anything about the Liar-in-Chief, Joe Biden, who makes the Little Boy Who Cried Wolf look like a soothsayer.  Biden’s first campaign for president back in the day tanked because of his plagiarism.  Things fall out of Joe Biden’s mouth that may very well be real to him but never happened.  Biden claimed that his father had urged him to award his uncle, Frank Biden, a Purple Heart while he was vice president of the United States.  Joe Biden made that comment at a December 16, 2022, town hall meeting for veterans.  Never happened.

Biden has repeatedly lied about his family history and not so long ago claimed his son Beau died in the Iraqi War.  Biden’s plagiarism incident involved taking British Labour Party politician Neil Kinnock’s family history and substituting it for his own.  In fact, Joe Biden has lied about virtually everything, from his experiences in war zones to comforting the survivors of the Parkland School shooting while vice president.  The shootings happened after he was out of office and Biden never comforted anyone involved.

Nor did this start with Biden’s advanced age; it has occurred time and again throughout his 47-year career.

Joe Biden’s mouth has issued a torrent of untruths.  If George Santos is unqualified or unfit to serve in Congress, and I would agree with that point of view, then Joe Biden is unqualified and unfit to serve as President of the United States as well.

What Goes Around…

That same hypocrisy has caught the Democrats and Biden in its jaw, firmly affixed to their behinds over the top-secret documents kerfuffle.  Biden denounced former President Trump as “irresponsible” when the confidential documents were found at Mar-a-Lago.  Yet just this week it has been revealed several caches of top-secret documents have been found in Biden’s think tank and home in Delaware.  Those locations, I might add, are a lot less secure than Mar-a-Lago.  The national media, in partnership with Democrats, jumped on Trump with all four paws.  Yet the same folks who denounced Trump are doing their best to make excuses for Biden.  It helps to underscore the notion our country increasingly has two very different standards, depending upon one’s personal political viewpoint.


Buttigieg Not Qualified

During the 2020 election cycle, Joe Biden released a video highly critical of then-primary opponent Pete Buttigieg.  The campaign spot focused on Buttigieg’s lack of experience and accomplishments.  Basically, the Biden campaign ad highlighted Pete Buttigieg’s incompetence.  Of course, that was before Biden appointed his one-time rival to be Secretary of Transportation.  Turns out, Biden’s first impression was right.  After all, Buttigieg catapulted from mayor of South Bend, Indiana, to Secretary of Transportation of the United States.  That’s like a kitten becoming a tiger overnight.

Since that time, there have been a number of transportation crises in our country over the past two years.  From woes with the supply chain to the railroad strike, to problems with flight delays and the wholesale cancelation of flights.  Buttigieg lectured the airline companies sternly but his raiment of righteousness soon turned to sackcloth and ashes when the Federal Aviation Administration’s own equipment suddenly went kaput.  The federal government’s flight delays and cancelations were worse than those of the airline companies.

Literally the first thing Pete Buttigieg did as Secretary of Transportation was to take a lengthy parental leave.  South Bend, Indiana, has a bus station and a regional airport, so Joe Biden made him Secretary of Transportation.  Who can forget Buttigieg’s talking about his love for transportation, revealing he had proposed to his husband at an airport?

Buttigieg was never qualified to be Secretary of Transportation and it is woefully obvious.


Rest In Peace, Lisa Marie

As the only child of legendary entertainer Elvis Presley and his wife, Priscilla, Lisa Marie Presley was born into the limelight.  Only nine years old when her father died, Lisa Marie lived a bumpy life filled with challenges, which included not only losing her father at a young and tender age, but also growing up in that huge shadow of a one-of-a-kind entertainer.  Married often and not always so well, Lisa Marie was mother to four children, including a much-loved son who committed suicide.  No parent ever comes out of such a tragedy unscathed, and Lisa Marie Presley was no exception.  An event like that makes an indelible impression upon the mind and a laceration of the heart to the parent and remaining loved ones.

The sole heir to Graceland, the home of Elvis Presley, it came as a shock to most of us to learn that Lisa Marie Presley had died of heart failure last week.  Only 54 years old, she was a good singer, but it may not have been as noticeable due to her father’s iconic stature.

Lisa Marie is back in the arms of the father who always loved her and may she rest in peace.