Publisher’s Positions

By Steve Hunley

McNally Is A Victim Of Hypocrisy

The hypocritical outrage expended by the Leftists over Lieutenant Governor Randy McNally and his internet doings is much ado about nothing.  A man of great integrity, McNally has been an excellent representative and state senator.  Just as the Left has been scandalized by George Santos, yet refuse to acknowledge the torrent of lies that come out of the mouth of Joe Biden.  Whether those same lies come from some cognitive disability or are just plain old lies, is anyone’s guess.  The Left has yet to be even remotely distressed about the repeated lies by national media about any number of topics, all of which they and the mainstream media labeled “misinformation” or “conspiracy theories.”  They have tried their best – – – and still are trying – – – to stifle and choke free speech in this country to death.  Russia collusion, Covid having come from a lab in China, the reality of Hunter Biden’s laptop, the stunning corruption inside the Department of Justice and the FBI, and the government nudging social media giants Twitter, Google, and Facebook to participate in creating a narrative and suppression of the truth.  Polls show the public’s trust in the national media is at an all-time low.  Is it any wonder?

The same people who cry and squall about an “insurrection” ignore the 750+ riots, which include deaths, that burned and looted billions, yet not a single individual in this country has been charged with insurrection.  Violence and destruction on the left or the right are wrong, period.

The folks snarling and snapping at Randy McNally’s heels aren’t occupying the moral high ground, much as they might pretend.  These are the same people who believe there might be as many as 72 genders and college-age girls wearing cat ears are walking, talking felines.

I am not on social media and know little to nothing about it and really don’t want to.  So much for that.


Brooks Kicks Off Campaign

Cameron Brooks, a local realtor and former member of the Knox County Election Commission, opened his campaign for a seat on the Knoxville City Council last week at the Beck Cultural Center.  Brooks drew the biggest crowd of the campaign season so far with about 150 persons in attendance.   The theme was working people need a voice on the Knoxville City Council and Brooks pledged if elected, he would not vote for any tax increases in the next four years.  The incumbent, Lynne Fugate, voted to increase property taxes 40%.  Brooks was also outspoken in his opposition to any effort by the City of Knoxville to “defund the schools.”  Fugate had been quoted by the Compass as saying she favored the idea of reducing the city’s portion of the sales tax to the school system.  Read the full story in this week’s edition of The Focus.

Judge Irwin Was Right

Judge Tim Irwin of the Knox County Juvenile Court was one of the first to signal the crisis in the Department of Children’s Services.  Irwin warned a legislative panel some time ago the situation was critical and getting worse.  Now the problem is apparent to anyone and everyone.


Woke And Banks Don’t Mix

For all the hundreds of billions of tax dollars spent on education in this country, there are clearly quite a lot of folks who never learned the basics of economics.  The best tax has always been that which one doesn’t pay, but does derive a direct benefit from.  The Biden administration is returning taxes in every shape and form back to the highest levels since the days of Jimmy Carter.  The taxpayers are now expected to bail out the failing banks, including the Silicon Valley Bank, which reportedly spent $73 million funding Black Lives Matter and other woke organizations.  Now the bank is belly up.

There is no such thing as “free” anything bought with tax dollars.  The professional do-gooders always say the corporations and the wealthy will pay for such and such programs.  Here’s how that works, put simply.  Corporations really don’t pay taxes; they increase the price of their products and goods, which consumers pay.  So we tax Coca-Cola an extra dollar per carton, and the price of Coke goes up more than $1.00 per carton for consumers, who are also taxpayers.

Prices are already headed through the clouds towards the heavens with no sign of stopping.  The inept Biden administration is fueling inflation while claiming they are trying to fight it, like fighting fire with gasoline.

Leftists love the word “sustainable,” yet they seem not to understand its meaning.  To say none of the tax burden and inflation falls on working people is a cruel lie.  The 40% property tax increase passed by the City government has jacked up rents and mortgage payments and not for the wealthy.

Thank you, Mayor Jacobs

On a happier note, kudos to Knox County Mayor Glenn Jacobs.  In a recent editorial, I mentioned the unclaimed bodies at the forensics center.  Mayor Jacobs has just announced he has joined with the Dignity Memorial Homeless / Unclaimed Veteran Burial Program, the East Tennessee State Veterans’ Cemetery, the East Tennessee Regional Forensic Center and Chaplain Pat Polis in hosting a memorial for eight unclaimed veterans.

The memorial program will take place on March 22 at the East Tennessee Veterans’ Cemetery and will be officiated by the Vietnam Veterans of America.  Knox County Sheriff Tom Spangler will provide a motorcycle escort for the burial ceremonies.

“These are men and women who served our country in various capacities.  Regardless of their current circumstance or family ties, they deserve the respect of a dignified memorial ceremony,” Jacobs said.  “I’m grateful that so many of our veteran community come together with the Regional Forensic Center to afford them that honor.

The event is open to the public and all are welcome.  If interested, meet at Berry Funeral home at 10:45 a.m. on Wednesday, March 22.

Mayor Jacobs is exactly right about our veterans especially deserving of a decent burial and a final resting place with dignity and honor.