By Steve Hunley


Evil… Pure Evil

The shootings in Nashville’s Coventry Christian school and church are appalling, heartbreaking, and tragic.  Most of us have known for some time the mainstream media smothers those stories that don’t fit their preferred narrative.  The fact the murders of three adults and three nine-year-old children were committed by a transgender person is well outside the preferred narrative of the mainstream media.  Yet it is a fact Audrey/Aiden Hale deliberately, premeditatedly set out to murder fellow human beings.  Because Hale is transgender, the mainstream media is reluctant to call it a hate crime.  It’s time to simply say it out loud, every violent crime is hateful.  Every murder of any innocent person should be considered hateful by any sane person.  Every innocent life ought to matter.  Murdering any innocent person is a heinous thing to do, but it is especially vile and depraved to willfully take the life of a child.  There must be, there has to be a special place in hell reserved for those sorts of inhuman beings.

The leftist media is already trying to cast Audrey/Aiden Hale as the victim, which is reprehensible and inexcusable.  Some of those on social media and in the news media are trying to justify the murders by squalling about transphobia. Idiots of the Left, which would certainly include NBC and their ilk, cry that conservatives blame the gender, not the guns.  Whatever the gender, what Audrey/Aiden Hale did was a hateful, horrible crime and it doubtless meets any criteria for a hate crime under the law.  The gun alone killed nobody; the guns Audrey/Aiden Hale used killed those folks.  The Left’s twisted logic is like blaming the fork for someone being obese.

Nor is it any coincidence the same people wailing about gun violence are also the very same people calling for defunding the police, reducing penalties for criminals, and applaud not prosecuting criminals.  Much like Congresswoman Cori Bush who is the loudest mouth in Congress about defunding the police yet spends literally hundreds of thousands of dollars on her personal private security detail.

Daniel J. Flynn made some interesting observations in a column in the American Spectator last week.  He quoted Spencer Bergstedt, a “gender diversity consultant” as having tweeted, “The shooter has been identified by his deadname.  It appears he used he/him pronouns & was a former student at the school.  Of course, MSM & LEO’s discussing the issue are misgendering the murderer.  I’m sad and angry on so many levels.”

Flynn quoted another Twitter genius as tweeting, “It is so infuriating that the media gets to both misgender Aiden Hale as a ‘rare female mass murder’ *AND* misidentify him as a trans fem whose status as a mass killer proves trans women are men because women don’t do that.”

As Flynn observes, pronouns become more important than the fact six human beings have been murdered.  Another imbecile squealed the police somehow “just put a target on every transperson’s back.”  One TikToker, according to Flynn with almost an exultant tone, said, “I wonder if the parents of the victims of the Nashville shooting today would still have their children if these trans bills in Tennessee were never a thing.”

The Left is already braying the right is using this terrible incident to “push its anti-trans agenda.”  That’s just not true, but it is true that the Left is pushing its continuous diversion about who the victim/s are.  Audrey/Aiden Hale wasn’t the victim; he/she was the murderer of six fellow human beings.

The Left isn’t at all bothered Audrey/Aiden Hale targeted Christians.  Had the victims been gay or any other minority, the moral outrage would have been everywhere.  Even the children of Christians matter less, apparently.

Authoritarian societies always diminish the individual and whenever individuality is diminished, it is easier to see some as less than human.  It is also easier to justify snuffing out human lives in the name of ideology.  The Nazis did it, the Communists did it and still are doing it.

Tucker Carlson said the other night, those who think they are Gods are always furious whenever they are reminded, they are not God.  To be a Christian is to acknowledge a higher power than man and oneself, to firmly believe and admit that man is not God.  That naturally irritates and upset the Left who prefer to place their own belief in man instead.  Churches and Christians are an ugly reminder there are those who will never believe in their own superiority.

When flesh, blood and bone mean less than pronouns, God help us all.

Mayor Kincannon Parodied Online

Mayor Indya Kincannon is being lampooned with a parody website “IndyaforMayor.”  The website parodies Kincannon’s progressive credentials.  The welcome states, “Together, we are building a gentrified, authoritarian and exclusive Knoxville, where every neighborhood is owned and controlled by large landlords.”  “We will ensure Knoxville continues to be profitable for big business so everyone – – – no matter where you come from, how you worship, what you look like, whom you love, and how you see yourself in the world – – – can generate wealth for my friends.”

Perhaps the most painful aspect of the spoof is a chart of the Knoxville Police Department showing the top leadership, which is all white.  While the parody is from the far left of the spectrum, it does touch on some of the Kincannon administration’s soft spots.  Certainly, it is having been authoritarian inasmuch as it doesn’t like being questioned or transparent.  Left or right, the Kincannon record is nothing to brag about.  At least one city council member bragged about how superbly well-managed the City of Knoxville was from a fiscal perspective.  Then came the 40% property tax increase.  Kincannon and the council continue to spend money as if it were nothing.  There is nobody on the council who currently asks if an expenditure is necessary, or if the taxpayers are getting their money’s worth, much less cutting back something.  Even after raising the property tax, which also has the effect of raising rents and mortgages inside the city, the first thing Kincannon did was to cut services, saying police officers would no longer respond to accidents inside Knoxville.

You can see the parody website at

Hypocrisy Alert

The Knoxville News Sentinel continues its endless biased reporting on race without fail.  Last week the Sentinel reported the state legislature’s pondering of banning mandatory bias training for public school staff and faculty.  The article fails to mention one big disparity.  Last time I checked, perhaps the biggest disparity was the fact the Knox County School system spends four times the amount per student at Austin-East than it does at Farragut.

The News Sentinel boasts about its warped self-image of being a beacon of diversity, but like the embarrassing chart of the KPD leadership, the executive positions at the News Sentinel are filled by folks who are as white as the snow-topped tips of the Himalayan mountains.


Thank You, Bill Hagerty

It was Tennessee’s U.S. Senator Bill Hagerty who led the effort to fight the District of Columbia legislation reducing penalties for violent crimes and cause the Washington, D.C. court system to become a catch-and-release revolving door.  The ordinance, approved by the Washington, D.C. City Council, also had to have the approval of Congress and Hagerty led the effort to beat it, which was successful.  Bill Hagerty is making a great U.S. senator for Tennessee and Tennesseans.