By Steve Hunley

Bias, Hypocrisy and Evil

As the Leftists shake and quiver about the return of Justin Jones to the Tennessee House of State Representatives, none of the national or local media have carried a statement made by Jones regarding colleague Sabi Kumar. Kumar, known as “Doc” in the House of Representatives, is a retired vascular surgeon and an immigrant from India. Kumar, a Republican, represents Robertson County in the House of Representatives, once one of the most notably Democratic counties in the state. Jones had referred to Kumar as “the brown face of white supremacy,” an insult that would cause Leftists’ heads to explode were it hurled at one of their own.

Vice President Kamala Harris, our nation’s border czar who has never once visited the border as second in command, scurried to Nashville for a photo op with the three expelled legislators. Did she make time in her busy schedule to provide any comfort for the families of the victims of Audrey/Aiden Hale? No. There wasn’t even a perfunctory moment wasted on the families of the three children and three adults gunned down by Hale at a Christian school. Nor did the national media even bother to pretend they cared about the victims, as that would interfere with the narrative. The blood of the actual victims has been washed away by the celebration of the “Tennessee Three.”

Kumar said Jones pointed at him and sneered, “They will never accept you.” The Left wastes no sympathy on any face, black, brown, yellow or white who doesn’t agree with their politics.

As facts about tragedies unfold, the national news media is usually already molding its own reporting to fit into the context of its favored narrative, irrespective of the actual facts. Now some of the national media is squalling that “anti-trans” sentiment is being stirred up because of the Coventry murders. Yet most Americans aren’t aware of the alleged perpetrator of the Colorado Springs shooting at an LGBTQ club is nonbinary. That’s according to the alleged shooter’s legal defense team. At the time, much of the national media was already squealing about the attack having been targeted.

Let’s be honest. The national media has its own preferred type of perpetrator: white, conservative (or a registered Republican) and male. When there was a spate of violence against Asian Americans and the attackers were black, that was a mighty inconvenient fact for the national media. We have Reuters and the Associated Press busy reminding us that only men (and preferably white men) are the most common mass shooters. Maya McKinney was one of the participants in a shooting at a charter school in Denver, Colorado in which eight students were wounded and one killed. McKinney was born female and identified as a male; his legal team demanded he be addressed as “he” or “him.”

Snochia Moseley shot and killed three people at a Rite Aid store in Aberdeen, Maryland and wounded three others. A biological woman, a friend stated, and screenshots on social media supported, who was in the process of transitioning to becoming a man.

My point is mental illness OR evil is not the province of one color, one race, or one gender or sexual orientation. The notion someone shouldn’t be subject to punishment because of his/her skin color, religion, or gender is beyond asinine. The notion someone can’t commit a heinous act because of his/her gender, sexual orientation, religion or race is equally asinine, yet that is what much of the national media is asking us to believe.

What point have we reached in our society when we can’t even recognize just how terrible an inhuman act is to other human beings? Or more specifically, that horrific acts really aren’t that horrific because the killer was some trans, or a woman, or a Leftist. Evil acts have been committed throughout history by both genders and all political persuasions; black, white, yellow, red, and brown have all been guilty of crimes against their own kind and others besides. Genocide is not the monopoly of any particular political party or race. Some of the most terrible inhuman acts in the history of the world have been committed in the name of God or religion. So, too, it is true that many terrible acts have been sanctioned and approved in the name of ideology.

When we lose sight of just who the victims are in any killing of another human being, and focus on gender, race, or ideology, we lose some of our own humanity in the process. Any crime that purposely takes the life of another innocent human being is a hate crime.

What I do know is the parents, grandparents, and families of those three little children who will never grow up to experience the good things life has to offer aren’t celebrating anything. I also know the families and loved ones of the three murdered adults aren’t celebrating either.

Schimmel In, Then Out

Breaking news… the race for the city council just got a little more interesting. Scott Schimmel, pillar of the Fourth & Gill community and a local businessman, has picked up a petition to run for the At-Large seat being vacated by Janet Testerman. Debbie Helsey, who ran a losing race against Knox County Mayor Glenn Jacobs last year, had been expecting to run uncontested all the way through the general election. Schimmel is the husband of Lisa Sorensen, who is the campaign treasurer for state Representative Gloria Johnson. Then just as suddenly, about a day later Schimmel had changed his mind. Wade Seifert, who has been involved in local politics as a volunteer and activist, has pulled a petition to run. It could be an interesting race.

Accuracy In Polling

The Knoxville News Sentinel has worn out the story of the “Tennessee Three,” once again proving yet again the daily newspaper writes only about race and food. There was a time when The Focus was doing its own polling, which to the consternation of the Sentinel, was remarkably accurate. One Sentinel columnist seemed positively obsessed with The Focus poll, which routinely sampled 500 Knoxville/Knox County voters on local topics, which is more than many sampled for national or state polls. If I recall correctly, some at the daily newspaper wanted to quibble about how we asked the question, which we published with each poll. The blaring headline three out of four of those polled believe legislators have the right to protest peacefully. Therein lies the rub. USA Today is part of the same national news media that told us about the mostly peaceful protests when people were being killed and buildings burned to the ground. They told us that as Americans stared at the chaos and flames spiraling in the background, clearly lying to our faces. Buildings, including those belonging to the government, were damaged and the damage from mostly peaceful protests ran into the billions of dollars, which all of us pay through our insurance premiums.

There is a time and a place for protests and it’s not screaming through a bullhorn on the floor of the state House of Representatives. The coverage of the events has been downright dishonest and the national media acts more like Pravda than American media.

The USA Today poll is about as accurate as a supposed neurologist giving Joe Biden a 100 score on a cognitive test.