Rosie Moore celebrated her 80th birthday on September 5. Rosie was born on September 5, 1932 in Lancaster Pennsylvania. Rosie is the mother of eight children, grandmother of twenty one grandchildren, and great grandmother to eighteen great-grandchildren. Rosie celebrated her birthday with friends playing Bingo at the Halls Senior Center in the morning, bowling with her league at Fountain City Lanes in the afternoon and a party at home with her family in the evening. Rosie’s secret for a long happy life is her trust in family, friends and God. The staff at The Knoxville Focus congratulate Rosie on her 80th birthday. We wish her many more years of happiness, and look forward  to continuing to share her thoughts, inspiration and wisdom with our readers.


Birthdays are nice. It doesn’t matter how young or how old you are, everyone loves a birthday. I recently had one and received a present that is one of my favorites things to receive—a book.  I want to share a page from it because I think it is so inspiring and true and it might help someone who will read this:

“The storms of life cannot be avoided. And often they come completely unannounced. When showers of troubles hit, when fears ambush and doubts plague, everything seems out of control. But just as the mother eagle guards her young, God protects those He loves. When rough times threaten your peace, He will take you under His wing and give you strength to endure. It’s easy to slip into false thinking that God is somehow absent if disaster strikes, that you’ve missed His protection. Quite the opposite is true. God will never leave you alone to face your problems. He guides you into the eye of the tornado where it is quiet and still, where you can hear his voice and feel the strength of his presence.”

These are such comforting thoughts to end a birthday day with. I’m so glad I still have the gift of eyesight to be able to contemplate these words.

Thought for the day: Whenever you find upsets in your life, you can use these as opportunities to grow in your trust of God.

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