By Steve Hunley

Much has been made of separating children from their parents when the parents attempt to enter the United States illegally.  The truth is children are separated from their parents all the time for a variety of reasons.  Children are parted from a parent when Mom or Dad go overseas as part of the military; children are removed from homes daily by the government for neglect, abuse or worse.  It has become common for children to taken away from parents when parents are drug abusers or criminals.

The mainstream media, which has become nothing less than part of the active left in this country, has worked overtime to divert attention from what this is really all about.  The real issue is enforcement of the law of the United States, not separation of children from their parents.  The issue for the left isn’t really taking children from their parents – – – and children are oftentimes traveling with people who aren’t their parents in many instances – – – but whether they should be allowed to stay in this country or not.  The proof of that statement is President Trump’s Executive Order, which prohibits children being separated from their parents, but does detain the entire family.  Of course the President’s Executive Order almost certainly won’t stand up, as it countermands a court decision, the Flores decision, which forbids children from being detained for more than 20 days.  The Flores decision has been on the books 20 years or more, yet few of us have heard much about it because it didn’t fit in with the media’s concern about separating children from their parents.  What Trump’s Executive Order has done is refocus the conversation and now even leftists are chattering about the Flores decision, which they seem to have newly discovered.  The truth is we’ve been caught in a trap of our own making; the Flores decision, as well as a law which cracked down on the very real trafficking of children, has made it extremely difficult to return children to Central America quickly under the anti-trafficking law.  Another net effect has been simply ushering parents accompanied by children into this country and President Trump is exactly right that Democrats are the last people on earth who want to change that policy.  Attempts by Congressional Republicans to fix broken laws and expedite the asylum process, as well as increase space for detentions drew not an iota of interest from their Democratic counterparts.

Keep in mind, the people attempting to flow into this country – – – and there are 147 million people wanting entry into the United States – – – don’t have jobs here, they have no roots in this country.  Many have literally shown up last week, or yesterday.  Fundamentally, it becomes a vital question of policy; are we going to admit a constant tidal wave of illegal aliens into this country under a roiling tide of perpetual amnesty?  The argument of the left is that we have no right to exclude anyone for any reason.  Basically, there would be no such thing as a border, much less a wall.  Apparently all one has to do is show up, step onto U. S. soil and is instantly granted all the rights and privileges of an American citizen.  Even most of those trying to claim asylum are fudging it.  Is it really the only recourse for a woman supposedly fleeing an abusive boyfriend to come to the United States?  Traveling through deserts, jungles or in a tiny boat across oceans to flee from a violent boyfriend, as well as through three or four other countries seems a trifle implausible.  It will be a matter of days before the left and the leftist media changes its lament from “separation” to “detention.”

The Huffington Post has reported eighty percent of women and girls illegally crossing into the United States are raped at some point.  It is consistently documented the vast majority of those detained and released into the United States don’t show up for their court hearings.  In the past, bringing along children has been a “get-in free card” to the United States.  Virtually nothing was said, either by the media or Congressional Democrats, when the Obama administration failed to protect tens of thousands of children entering this country illegally from predators who trafficked these kids into sex acts or slavery.

The solution is as simple as it gets.  A bank robber shouldn’t bring his kid to a robbery and people illegally crossing the U. S. border shouldn’t attempt to smuggle in their kids.  Do good parents deliberately put their own children in a bad or even dangerous situation?

For the Democrats and the leftist media, this really boils down to one thing: overturning our existing culture and institutions and padding the voter rolls.  The first clue was when Democrats started quoting the Bible.  When the same people who tell us we shouldn’t say “Merry Christmas” start telling us what Jesus said, look out!