By Mike Steely

Troy Shafer has 18 years of IT experience and is now offering Shafer Technology Solutions in Knoxville and surrounding areas. He’s bringing his expertise, gained at large companies and government service, to offer a whole technology company geared to assists small and medium businesses.  Shafer prides himself on helping businesses stay productive and growing.

Why start an IT company? Shafer said he had noticed that family and friends were getting ripped off by so called computer specialists. Tired of scams and poor support options, he decided to start Shafer Technology Solutions.  “I’ve done this for a long time, for some very big names. I want to bring that level of experience and support to Knoxville.  Our small businesses deserve better options,” he told The Focus.

“A good client of mine got a bill for $500 and his computer problem wasn’t fixed,” Shafer explained. “I fixed it in 30 minutes and the charge was less than $100.”  This got him thinking and he began asking his friends and family how they were getting computer help. He noticed a trend. It wasn’t good and it was expensive.

“We opened our doors offering computer repair, web design, maintenance, custom programming, networking, and security. I wanted to bring a full solution provider to the area.” Shafer said.

“We specialize in managed services. This is a very proactive approach to computer repair and how most big companies manage their computers and servers.  Our maintenance platform offers business class antivirus, hacker protection, and remote assistance,” he said.

Shafer Technology Solutions managed platform includes; PC Health Monitoring, Free Antivirus, Free Virus removal, Proactive support, and can limit PC crashes and downtime. The firm services both residential and business plans and offers 35% off repair services.

Plans start at just $19.99 per month per PC computer.

Of course, he offers more than just computer support. He sees websites as another place companies see their options as limited and expensive. Shafer said that the cost of creating a web site is not as expensive as it used to be and adding interactive options are easier than ever. “Websites can and should do more for a company, especially a small business,” Shafer pointed out.

“Websites can open up more revenue streams for a business, new ways to attract clients, and build out service. We can help do that,” he said.

You can reach Troy Shafer at 865-235-1706 or at sales@shafertechsolutions or at the website