By Mike Steely

“Mighty oaks from little acorns grow’” is an old saying and in South Knoxville Rocky Stephens is planting that acorn with the idea of an eventual South Knoxville Museum. Rocky Stephens, the owner of Pinnacle Communications, broke ground to plant that seed recently in his complex at 3508 Maryville Pike.

Today the beginning of that museum, to celebrate everything on the south side of the river, is housed in a small room there. People are donating high school band uniforms and letter jackets, photos, and all types of memorabilia going back many years. One of the prized items on exhibit is a 1957 Young High jacket.

During the kickoff recently several county office seekers, like Tim Burchett, Eddie Smith and Randy Boyd, showed up to lend their support. Another alumnus of one of the historic schools, actor David Keith, came. Keith, a 1974 graduate of Young High School, got aboard a 1971 Bronco owned by South High School graduate Pat Hood, for photos.

“We’re looking for donations, not just high school items. There are lots of businesses with history in South Knoxville like Ye Olde Steak House, Stanley’s Greenhouse and Kerns Bakery. P. J. Clapp, better known as Johnny Knoxville, is from South Knoxville and was a baseball player at South Young High,” said Rocky Stephens.

“Tennessee School for the Deaf is more than one hundred years old. There are many communities in South Knoxville that might want to contribute items,” he said.

Stephens is also the founder of Love All Tennis and hopes to build tennis courts on the property there on Maryville Pike.

Pinnacle Communications does logo work for companies, represents Bradley and Gemma Jeans, makes My State imprinted items, and publishes the Southern Business Magazine. Pinnacle does marketing, websites, direct mail, consulting and public relations.

You can get more information about the South Knoxville Museum by contacting Rocky Stephens at (865) 240-1179 or find information on line at