By Steve Williams

Several local high school football coaches enjoyed time with their families at the beach during the TSSAA Dead Period the past two weeks, particularly new Knoxville Catholic coach Korey Mobbs.

“We spent the first week at Santa Rosa Beach in Florida with friends,” said Mobbs, who was hired at Catholic in late April. “We enjoyed relaxing after a crazy spring for our family.”

Mobbs said they would be “closing” on July 6 on their home in Atlanta and will “close” in Knoxville on July 23.

“That has occupied much of our dead week!

“I’m looking forward to having my family with me full time in Knoxville soon as I have spent most of the spring flying solo in Knoxville.”

Meanwhile, Central Coach Nick Craney and crew appeared to be having a grand time vacationing with the little people on the Outer Banks in North Carolina.

“Our extended family on my wife’s side, including our two kids, has seven little cousins that are 5 years old or less. It was a great week at the beach.”

Fulton Coach Rob Black returned this summer to Panama City Beach during the first week of the dead period and spent time with family and some friends.

“The second week of dead period was spent at home and a few days at the lake with my wife Michelle and two daughters, Makenna and Makaley,” said Rob.

All-Star vacationer Coach Travis Mozingo can usually be found at some beautiful spot in America during the dead period and often it’s out West.

“I usually have some great summer adventure to report to you, but not this year,” said Mozingo.

“My in-laws, who live in rural Illinois, are moving to Knoxville this fall. As a result, we are on ‘moving duty’ – helping them with moving chores.

“While the rural community that they live in is about as stress-free as it gets, I’m looking forward to not waking up with a To-Do List from my mother-in-law. HA!”

My reply to Coach Mozingo: Well Coach, I must admit I’m a little disappointed in not seeing you and yours at some place out in the wild, wild West, but it is good to hear from you … and your in-laws are lucky to have a helping hand from you.

Still, we can’t have a Dead Period photo feature without you in it. How about an “action”  photo of the moving chores and/or a relaxing shot of you guys taking a break? Your mother-in-law does let you take breaks doesn’t she? Ha, ha, ha! Steve. Focus.

Later that day, I heard back from Mozingo and he sent me a picture of himself with a lawn mower.

“Today was yard work on the To-Do List,” he reported. “Location: Henry County, Illinois. It’s definitely ‘small town’ America. Next year, it’ll be back to the normal adventurous Dead Period!”

Mozingo also checked in Thursday with even better news.

“We’re going to Wrigley Field. The in-laws’ home is about two hours west of Chicago.”

Halls Coach Scott Cummings emailed July 8 and told us he went to Florida with family and friends.

“We had 30 people total and five condos,” said Scott. “I ate tons of good seafood and stayed on the beach all day. I’m now at home doing chores and getting ready for next week’s start to football season.”

Karns Coach Brad Taylor answered our Dead Period request Thursday afternoon but didn’t have a whole lot to report.

“I haven’t done much,” said Coach Taylor. “I worked out some and did chores around the house. Not too exciting.”

My reply to Brad: How about a picture of you doing some chores? P.S. I hope Beavers are more “exciting” this fall than you’ve been during Dead Period!”Ha, ha!

South-Doyle Coach Clark Duncan sent us some great pictures and said: “We spent the last two weeks at Santa Rosa Beach, just outside of Destin, Florida.”

Clark’s family has grown since last year. He now has two grandsons – Shep (3 years old) and Camp (7 months).

We also were happy to hear from Austin-East Coach Antonio Mays Friday morning.

“The Mays Family went to Myrtle Beach,” he said. “The oldest (not present) Jordan Snipes is finishing up at Tennessee State University. A little beach before a lot of football. God Bless.”