By Steve Hunley

During the 2020 election we were told Joe Biden was not just a worn out old man; rather he was a marvel of energy, a regular wizard of innovation, and generally an all-round whiz-bang.  And nine months into his administration, durned if he hasn’t wrought miracles.

He has turned lying into an art form, a talent shared with his press spokesperson, Jen Psaki, she of the forked tongue.  Biden has managed to pour billions of dollars into the pockets of Vladimir Putin’s economy by approving the Russian pipeline while depressing the American economy by killing our own pipeline.  Old Joe didn’t even need days as did the Lord to create the world; he undid the American pipeline instantly with the stroke of his wobbly pen and now nine months later, lo and behold!  America is no longer energy-independent, but yet again energy-dependent upon folks who, by and large, don’t much like us.  All of these wonders have been wrought by Joe Biden in the name of the climate change crisis.  Yet do you see any alarm on the part of the Russians or the Chinese about the climate change crisis?  Does the American Left think the United States alone will solve this problem?  No, the Chinese have been more interested in developing a hypersonic missile, which has apparently taken every intelligence agency in our country by surprise.  Apparently, this deadly missile, which has nuclear capabilities, can strike and we’d never have a single moment of warning until it hit.  Suddenly, I’m not so sure climate change really is our biggest crisis.

It took only nine months for Biden and Merrick Garland to attempt to criminalize and label parents as “domestic terrorists” for questioning what is taught to their children in the schools they pay for.  Terry McAuliffe, the Democrat candidate for governor, said out loud what all the bureaucrats think: parents have no role in what their children are taught in public schools.  “I don’t think parents should be telling schools what they should teach,” McAuliffe said in a debate with his opponent, Glenn Youngkin.

In nine short months, the Biden administration has the national media jumping through hoops like circus poodles.  If you doubt it, simply consider the tawdry spectacle of Hunter Biden.  For all the abuse directed at the offspring of American presidents over the years, none have deserved scrutiny more than Hunter Biden.  Compare the abuse heaped upon the Trump children, even then-11 year old Barron, and think about Hunter Biden’s drug abuse and the sordid garbage that have spewed forth from within the folds of his pathetic life and ordinarily intelligent people have dismissed it as “Russian disinformation.”  Those are largely the same people who would have sworn on a stack of Bibles, if the Bible had any meaning to them, that Trump and Russian collusion was as real as the sun in the sky when it has been proven to be as real as the Tooth Fairy.  No reasonable person cannot but feel sorry for Joe Biden as every good parent should love their children and Hunter is a train-wreck of a human being.

In nine brief months, Joe Biden and the Democrats in Congress have managed to let inflation soar and all signs point to that bird will be flying upwards of the clouds for the next several months and eventually may swoop past the stars.

In nine brief months, Joe Biden has given us the human diversity pageant of appointing Pete Buttigieg Secretary of Transportation.  We’ve had other utterly unqualified members of presidential cabinets before, but I can’t remember one as lacking in a single qualification to hold the post to which he was appointed.  Who can forget Buttigieg’s unintentionally hilarious “I love transportation” press conference, which sidestepped his qualifications for the post, but he did pop the question to his husband in an airport, so. . .  Now as an armada of cargo ships sit stalled off our shores – – –  a transportation crisis by most any standard – – – “Mayor Pete”, who never got more than 10,000 votes in any campaign in South Bend, Indiana, is sitting at home with his husband for the last two months on paternity leave.  Pete is now telling us staying home with his newborn twins is work, but of course doesn’t really address the greater question of the transportation crisis.  Products aren’t coming into the country, exacerbated by the fact we’ve paid people more to stay at home than work.  Nor are the west coast ports models of efficiency; quite the contrary.  There are third world countries that have more efficiently run ports than those on our own west coast.  The cost transporting goods has escalated wildly, which WILL be felt by consumers.

It seems to me Mayor Pete should be working on solving those problems if he wants to be Secretary of Transportation instead of changing diapers.  Do you suppose John F. Kennedy would have stayed on paternity leave during the Cuban missile crisis?

In nine short months, the country is tearing itself apart about masks and mandated vaccines.  The Left ignores its own hypocrisy which is best summed up by their collective “Not for me, but for thee” attitude.  They ignore the continuous pouring across our borders of illegals who are neither tested for the COVID virus nor vaccinated.  The Biden administrations flies them in the dead of night and releases them into the interior of the country.

In nine months, hospital workers, law enforcement officers and others who slogged along on the frontlines of the pandemic and were celebrated as heroes of the pandemic while millions of Americans sat at home and collected a check, are now being forced out of their jobs by Biden’s vaccine mandates.  Let us not forget Biden had said once upon a time that he was against vaccine mandates.

In nine short months, the GDP (gross domestic product) growth has slipped beneath 1%.  People have forgotten Obamanomics was the slowest U. S. economic recovery since World War II.  That recovery never came while Obama was still in office.

In nine short months, Biden and the Democrats are pressing to pass the biggest pork-barrel bill in the history of the country.  Here are just a few nuggets from the so-called “infrastructure” bill:

$13.3 BILLION to pay bureaucrats to administer programs.

$4.5   BILLION to pay bureaucrats for housing planning.

$1.25 BILLION    for “fair housing” groups.

$200  MILLION for Nancy Pelosi’s park in San Francisco.

$25    MILLION for “anti-discrimination and bias training” at the Department of Health & Human Services.

TAX CREDIT specifically for “local news” journalists.

Hmmm.  I wonder if The Focus will qualify for that tax credit?  Somehow, I doubt it.  Frankly, it will likely allow the federal government to determine exactly what is or is not “news.”  In other words, networks and newspapers need to be subsidized by the taxpayers because they have a Leftist point of view.

In nine short months, Joe Biden and the Democrats have worked a miracle; Biden and company have managed to turn America from the “Land of plenty” into the Land of Empty.


Remembering Mikey Smith

Our community is deeply saddened by the death of Michael W. Smith.  Known to his many friends as “Mikey”, he was one of those hardworking people who supported his family, paid his taxes and gave back to his community.  Mikey loved his family, friends, country and God.  Mikey Smith was the quintessential American.  Mikey was the longtime Sergeant-at-Arms of the 8th District Republican Club.  Virtually every person running for office who campaigned inside the 8th District knew Mikey Smith.  For those of you who didn’t have the good fortune to know Mikey, all I can say is you missed out.  He was a caring friend with a sweet and gentle spirit.  Mikey leaves behind his family and hundreds of friends who will never stop missing him until we meet again.