By Steve Hunley

The United States of America is undergoing a transformation that ought to concern folks. Today there are two very different and distinct Americas. Resistance to the federal government of the United States is prevalent in our society today, led by the corporate media in this country blatantly trying to destroy the president. No president in our country’s history has ever faced the unceasing attacks as has Donald Trump. Allied with Hollywood celebrities, cultural warriors, and other members of the left, the corporate media makes little pretense in reporting news and no longer attempts to hide its bias.

This attitude is prevalent in those on the left who refuse to acknowledge Trump’s election. Of course they don’t acknowledge the Constitution or the Congress either, especially if the majority in Congress happens to be Republican. Nor are these people shamed by their egregious hypocrisy. These folks adhere to the old adage “hypocrisy is the tribute vice pays to virtue.” Squeeze a leftist hard enough and it guts that ooze out, but the pure goo of hypocrisy.

The left in this country believed the dawn of a new America had arrived with the election of Barack Obama. They mindlessly drove their own agenda to the point where the left began to be repudiated in election after election. Yet the final straw for the leftists was the election of Donald Trump, a possibility they never even remotely entertained. One had but to watch the news coverage on Election Night in 2016 as the corporate media talking heads waited for the results to roll in confirming Hillary Clinton had been elected in a landslide. For those watching that night, one could see the visible change in expressions and body language as it became increasingly apparent Trump might very well win.

The very idea the left’s cherished notions might not be the prevailing opinion in the country was utterly unacceptable to them. It was unthinkable, after all Obama was the Messiah come to earth. That is one big reason why they latched on to the idea the Russians somehow manipulated the votes to elect Trump president like an angry snapping turtle. Months later, with not a solitary piece of evidence to support the contention the Russians somehow hoodooed the American voters, they still cling to the idea like a kid who can’t live without his favorite blanket.

These people wake up in a new world every day and make no concession to anything that has happened before. Furious with Trump’s nomination of Judge Neil Gorsuch for the U.S. Supreme Court, they rail against the GOP-dominated Senate for utilizing the so-called “nuclear option,” a tactic they approved of when Harry Reid initiated it to confirm a host of Obama-appointed judges. The left exulted in the near total executive authority exercised by Obama, yet began squealing about the sanctity of the states under Trump. They make the argument the laws of the states take precedence of those of the nation, an argument made by the leaders of the Southern states when they seceded from the Union and formed the Confederate States of America.

The left squirmed with delight when Obama ignored the rulings of judges and nearly pass out in ecstasy when judges attempt to void any action taken by President Trump. They hailed the bold leadership of Obama when he issued executive order after executive order to circumvent Congress, yet howl when President Trump issues his own executive orders. Clearly the left recognizes no legal authority unless the government is in the hands of someone like Barack Obama. The new resistance is described by the left’s allies in the corporate media as activism, protesting, or perhaps even civil disobedience, but it all comes down to the fact they have few real principles. What they do have is an ideology. To the left, Donald Trump and the Republican Congress epitomize everything that is wrong with this country and they have never believed there was much right with America to begin with. The left believed its call for social justice and identity politics was the inevitable future of the United States until the voters set them back last November.

That is precisely why the American left has been positively hysterical ever since. It is impossible their own worldview could not be the overwhelming opinion of every intelligent American. It was inconceivable the “deplorables” had taken over the country and, worse still, the government; for the government is the instrument through which they intend to inflict their own personal ideology on the rest of us. The left has been used to conservatives or those who disagreed with them ultimately backing down after being beaten with brickbats from the corporate media or accusations of prejudice.

Make no mistake, the ideology has been effective in some quarters, especially universities and colleges. We are raising a generation that doesn’t value or even believe in free speech. The utter intolerance of the left has helped to polarize the country and they still openly despise and demean anyone who doesn’t share their views. This new cultural war is fully out in the open for anyone to observe as the left refuses to acknowledge the legal government of the United States.

Eventually, one side or the other must win. The left smugly presumes its own ideology will triumph in the end and that same ideology, cloaked in compassion and understanding, is totalitarian. It is easy to see why bipartisanship is a thing of the past and comporise is dead.

The fight for the soul and future of America is underway.