By Dr. Jim Ferguson
It is no secret that I love Christmas music. So, when I read that Christmas music makes some people sad, I said humbug. I find political correctness and woke perspectives ridiculous. I’m sorry, but this professed sadness over Christmas music is just another page in the manipulation and victimization narrative. These people are not sad because of Christmas music, they are just sad sacks, and should be ignored except in our prayers.

Traditionally, the 12 days of Christmas begin on Christmas day and end on January 6, the ecclesiastical Epiphany, rather than the 2021 faux insurrection at the Capital.

Most realize the Christmas story as told in the Gospels of Mark and Luke is a composite. According to legend, Epiphany celebrates the visit of the Wise Men who came to worship Jesus. These learned stargazers recognized a unique and portentous celestial event and traveled perhaps a thousand miles (from Baghdad?) to find the Christ child, not a newborn, in a house, not a stable.

I have previously stated that the Bible, for me, is less a book of facts and more a compendium of stories that demands our attention and reflection. Therefore, the fact that shepherds greeted angels announcing Emanuel and wise men journeying months and bringing sacrificial gifts is of greater importance than the traditional composite creche or the timing of events.

Actually, I don’t like all Christmas songs; I dislike the late 18th century English carol, “The Twelve Days of Christmas.” And this year hearing the awful song caused me to consider the 12 Crises of Biden. I will spare you a complete listing of Biden’s crises and a Seinfeldian Festivus airing of grievances. But to make my point, ♪ on the first day of crisis…insert border crisis. Then insert the crime wave, murder and looting on the second day, followed by Covid mis messaging and mismanagement, inflation, destruction of American energy independence, supply chain problems and shortages, foreign policy disasters in Afghanistan and Chinese/Russian ascendancy on subsequent days. You get the picture. This 2021 rendition is best described as an American dirge.

Christmas this year was different because last year we had snow. Today, as I pen this essay it’s 70° in K town. For most of her 38 years, my daughter had wished for a white Christmas. It finally came true in 2020. In so many ways, what a difference a year makes.

There seemed to be less lavish Christmas gifting this year in our family, perhaps because we are blessed. The Fer-Guy (last week’s essay) did manage to please loved ones with his gifts, and I identified with a recent poll suggesting 2/3 of Americans feel better about giving gifts than receiving them. However, gifts aside, as the saying goes, we must never forget the “reason for the season.”

One of our more memorable Christmases was spent with a friend and her daughter. As Santa’s helpers, Becky and I put presents under the tree and stuffed the stockings with care. But the next morning there was a major difference between what we had provided for our two girls and what our friend and her ex had provided for their daughter. Our kids were good sports, but they were a bit disappointed with Santa. It was only the next day that Becky and I found the rest of Santa’s gifts in a closet that his “helpers” forgot to put under the tree! Santa has trouble finding good help these days.

In the run-up to this Christmas, Becky had a bad cold and so did our granddaughter. So, due to Covid concerns and an upcoming extended family gathering, we sought Covid testing. At CVS we were told that test kits and batteries were hot items this year. We had no trouble getting tested and were reassured by negative results. Becky even found a Covid test site at a local gas station! Knoxville is obviously a better place to live than New York City where long lines for Covid testing are their reality. We should avoid progressive Democrat leadership which governs big cities.

Over the holidays Becky and I watched Christmas movies on a variety of channels. We were struck by the diversity and politically correct commercial messaging. Perhaps I’m getting older or live a more sheltered life, but this messaging must have something to do with why some still support iPOTUS. It certainly can’t be his accomplishments which even his Chief of Staff can’t name.

Ol’ Joe is just too old and too slow. While iPOTUS and the media hector us with the “Omicron winter of death,” Lebron James even recognizes that Omicron is mild and similar to the standard cold and “flu.” The government should be counting hospitalizations not screaming about infections determined by tests at Shell gas stations! President Trump did not believe testing would stop the pandemic. However, since Biden and the media hate Trump they promote testing which will not stop the virus. And quite honestly, Biden can’t even implement the testing process. Furthermore, more deaths have occurred on iPOTUS’ watch than Trump’s, despite vaccines and therapeutics developed under Trump’s operation Warp Speed.

Let’s end the 12 days of Christmas and 2021 (annus horribilis) with some resolutions and hope for 2022. The observations and admonitions are timeless and come from the Teacher, the writer of Ecclesiastes. After going on a rant for nine chapters, Solomon, the purported wisest man who ever lived, came up with these wise and worthy conclusions. He said we should honor God and keep his commandments. We should recognize that no one can fully understand God, creation or the fools put in high places. The man of deep learning observed that there is no end of books – and scientific pontificators. Solomon said you should enjoy your life and eat and drink with gladness. You should also enjoy and love your wife. And you should strive to do your best.

This doctor and teacher’s opinion is that if we focus and act on Solomon’s wise words, we will Make America Great Again, and 2022 will be “annus wonderfulus.”