By Mike Steely

Senior Writer

“I’m going to do the right thing,” Sheriff Tom Spangler told his volunteers Thursday evening.

Hundreds of volunteers gathered at the EXPO Center on Clinton Highway to rally and volunteer to help Tom Spangler be elected to another term in the May 3rd Republican Primary. They signed in and were treated to hot dogs and barbecued pork sandwiches, visited with each other prior to and following the event. Mostly they were there to see and talk with Sheriff Spangler.

His campaign manager, Kimberly Glenn, told the volunteers about how to obey election place rules and be courteous. She said the sheriff is seeking re-election to a second term but that he has no plans to skip a third term and then run again, like his opponent.

Sheriff Spangler was obviously delighted and pleasantly surprised by the turnout. He told the crowd that when he pulled into the parking lot and saw the large number of cars he thought, “Is all this for me?” He said he was humbled by the large number of supporters.

He also asked his supporters to remember former Captain Rick Trott, who passed away recently, and also introduced and honored his current Chief Deputy Bernie Lyon who joined him on stage. Spangler recognized all the former deputies and military veterans in the gathering, his wife and family who attended, and his campaign staff. He said of his family: “They are why I do what I do.”

Spangler encouraged his volunteers to be positive and to not let the “trash being thrown” bother them during the campaign. The sheriff has been cleaning house in his department, shedding employees who violate rules or get involved with criminal activity.

“We have some more things to do,” Sheriff Spangler said and then joined his supporters for conversation, handshakes and hugs.