By Steve Hunley

The recent July 4th holiday brings to my mind the question what became of the Democratic Party?  What sparked my mind was there had never been any controversy about Americans celebrating the birth of our country until the wokesters declared it unacceptable.  Now, we are told celebrating July 4 makes one a white supremacist and worse.  The new Left loves to hate America, a nation that has bestowed upon them the right to hate their own country.  It’s sickening.

The other day a friend asked me if I could identify a particular quote and I wonder if you can, too?  Who said the following:

“We shall pay any price, bear any burden, meet any hardship, support any friend, oppose any foe to assure the survival and success of liberty.”  My own guess was Ronald Reagan.  Nope, it was John F. Kennedy who spoke those beautiful words in his 1961 inaugural address.  I’ve been reminded on occasion that the new Leftists seem to think there’s been exactly one Democrat elected President of the United States in our country’s history: Barack Obama.  Franklin D. Roosevelt, Harry Truman and John F. Kennedy are almost never mentioned.  Oh, there is the occasional nod; AOC lifted “New Deal” from Roosevelt’s epic era to paste on to her “Green” monstrosity.  Yet, for the most part, Roosevelt, Truman and Kennedy might as well not have existed.  I’m not naive enough to think there aren’t parts of the legacies of every American president for the new Leftists to excoriate.  FDR is the president who placed Japanese-Americans in camps during World War II.  Harry Truman dropped the atomic bomb on the Japanese, twice.  John F. Kennedy was a fervent anti-Communist.

There will always be discussion and debate about decisions made by our leaders, but one can argue Franklin Roosevelt was a great chief executive based on the fact he guided our country through two of its greatest crises: the Great Depression and the Second World War.  Harry Truman’s decision to drop the bomb on Japan took guts, something the Man from Missouri never lacked, and saved the lives of perhaps as many as one million American soldiers, sailors and Marines.  In fact, some of the very Leftists who revile Truman for his decision likely wouldn’t be here otherwise, because they are descendants of those servicemen whose lives were saved by the scrappy president from Missouri.  The men whose lives Truman saved by his decision came home, worked, raised families, paid taxes and lived extended lives.

John F. Kennedy’s flaws aside – – – and every human being has flaws – – – was a genuine war hero and faced down the greatest Communist threat to this country in its history until now.  It was also John F. Kennedy who uttered, “Ask not what your country can do for you – – – ask what you can do for your country.”  Nothing could be further from the vision of the socialists of who have taken over today’s Democratic Party.

Lyndon Johnson, who did more for Civil Rights in this country than another other president was long ago consigned to the waste bin of history by most Democrats because of his prosecution of the war in Vietnam.

It was a Democrat who placed the words “under God” in the Pledge of Allegiance, yet another thing Leftists hate.  Democrats fought for, bled and died for this country.  Democrats helped to make this country the greatest on earth.  Patriotism has known no home other than in the hearts of the American people.  Until now.

There was a time when Republicans and Democrats fought like cats and dogs, but few ever doubted the patriotism or sincerity of the other.  Once the cudgels were put down, everyone was an American.  The fundamental disagreement was about how to make our country better.  Today’s Leftists want to destroy our country, tear it down to the ground and rebuild it into some kind of Marxist utopia.

The Left can talk about compassion, diversity, understanding and equity all it wants, but underneath those slogans runs a river of molten hatred for this country and for the people who still love America.  There can be no reasoning with ideologues and zealots.  There is no appeasing those who believe everything in this country but their own race-based Marxism deserves to be burned down to the ground.

The Democratic Party has been subsumed by people who have no love for this country.  Now we have people who see our flag as nothing more than a symbol of white supremacy.  Our flag has been a symbol of freedom and liberty, a rallying point for every American, and something to fight for.  America has been called the “great melting pot” of a country.  The United States has not been perfect, but no nation on earth has been.  Men and women of every shape, color, race and faith have fought for our flag and this country.  The Leftists in this country seem not to realize nor care neither China nor Russia are very friendly to the United States.  Tearing down the existing structure of this country and reconstituting it with race-based Marxism will not keep the predators at bay.  Then the fight will become one of mere survival.