Yes, Our Republic Is At Risk

By Steve Hunley
One of the oldest tricks in the political book is when a candidate has such a terrible record, run a fear-mongering campaign and that’s exactly what Joe Biden is attempting to do.  Democrats yammer about “protecting our democracy” or that Donald Trump will stamp out our democracy, which is so ridiculous it’s absurd.  In fact, Joe Biden has governed like an autocrat bypassing Congress on immigration policy.  Biden has ignored the ruling of the U. S. Supreme Court and bypassed Congress again with student loan forgiveness.  The only time the Left has any respect for the law is when they use it for lawfare.

Did Donald Trump try and imprison Hillary Clinton?  No.  But the Democrats and the Left have used the courts to try and imprison those with whom they disagree, otherwise they believe in allowing criminals to remain on the streets.  They like district attorneys and judges to “reimagine” the law by picking and choosing which laws they will enforce.  The government cannot make illegal aliens citizens simply by leaving the borders open  – – – in violation of American law – – – and saying they are here and so they are citizens and deserve all the rights of being an American citizen.

Biden and his gang have insisted for years the economy was roaring and those people complaining they were having a hard time paying their rent and mortgages and keeping food on their tables were just a bunch of malcontents and ingrates.

Biden and his brain trust have helped to fuel the rising inflation by wild spending and increasing taxes.  The fairness of the Biden administration is exemplified by its student loan forgiveness program, which shifts the payment of the debt from the people who borrowed the money and got an education with it or should have to those who work every day and didn’t go to college or others who went to college and paid their own debt off.

A fear mongering strategy is supposed to make us forget it was Joe Biden who rolled back the protections to keep our borders closed.  The flow of the deadly drug fentanyl into this country is precisely because Biden opened our country’s southern borders to anyone who wants to come across it.  The drug cartels have sent more than enough fentanyl to kill every American.  The end result is more than a million needless deaths of American citizens.  That alone has snuffed out so many young lives.

There has been no vetting of the people coming across the border, which includes terrorists, as well as an alarming number of Chinese nationals, who all seem to be young men of military age.  Criminals and gang members have come across our southern border as they pleased, which has resulted in the rape and murders of our citizens.  The latest was the vile criminal who tied up a 13-year-old girl and filmed himself raping her.  The rape and murder of Rachel Morin, a mother of five who Alejandro Mayorkas could not even bring himself to mention the victim’s name, referring to her instead as “the individual.”  The usual crowds of socialists chanting “say her name” had remained silent.

The same people warning our democracy is at risk are the very same authoritarians who ignore the law when it suits them.  We’ve seen Donald Trump’s right to free speech curtailed – – – and the Left would like to do that to anyone and everyone who doesn’t agree with them – – – we’ve seen him charged with a federal crime by a local prosecutor rather than a federal prosecutor.  Moreover, the charge was a misdemeanor which suddenly morphed into a felony.

The same people who warn our democracy is at risk are the same folks who had the FBI descend upon Mar-a-Lago guns drawn while they extended every courtesy when walking into Joe Biden’s garage.  Trump is being prosecuted over the documents case while Biden was deemed to be a well-meaning, frail old man suffering from dementia and therefore shouldn’t be charged.  There was lethal force language included in the FBI’s raid plan on Mar-a-Lago.  They tell us it was “standard operating procedure.”  Was it really?  Of course not.  Jack Smith has shown little or no regard for the Constitution or the law and finally was forced to admit the documents seized at the Trump estate are not in the same sequence as they were after the raid.  That was also misrepresented by Smith’s lead prosecutor in court.  Nor was Jack Smith’s appointment as a special prosecutor lawful.

The Biden administration’s caring for the people of this country is symbolized by the fact it won’t say whether it intends to contact Rachel Morin’s family.  It has been the same for the family of victims from crime which occurred exactly because of the Biden administration’s open border policy.  That same policy has placed even more American lives in danger through increased possibilities of terrorist acts.

The student Intifada in this country is a disgrace and the antisemitism inside the Democratic party and the Left hasn’t been seen since the Nazis.  The national media perpetuates the narrative of Biden and the Left rather than reporting the news.

Rising energy costs are a result of the failed and silly policies implemented by the Biden administration and felt in the pocketbooks of all hardworking Americans.  The Biden gang has scolded us about our stoves and lawnmowers, but if we all live atop one another in cubicles we won’t have yards to mow and we can ride the electric bus.

Yes, our republic is at risk, but because of the authoritarians of the Left who only follow the law when they can use it to their advantage and the destruction of those standing in their way.