By Dr. Jim Ferguson

Recently, I’ve considered leaving my column at The Knoxville Focus. I’ve written weekly essays for ten years, but that’s not the issue. I ask myself, “What does it matter?” Maybe it doesn’t, but my sense of  duty is to “man-up” even if that verbiage is threatening to some college kids and progressives with sensitive ears.

We are told that Trump’s words hurt us far more than Clinton’s destructive acts. That’s ridiculous and such absurdity must be challenged. Trump has no fingerprints on the destructive policies of the Obama-Clinton cabal. Furthermore, I’m loyal to those readers who regularly write to me with words of encouragement. These far outweigh certain serial detractors whose email verbiage causes me to picture them sitting at their computer in their basements in their underwear in the middle of the night.

A minister friend recently challenged me to pray and ask for the Spirit’s insights before reading scripture. The Bible is a compendium of wisdom – more than it is a book of facts. American’s are familiar with the metaphor of a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Was it serendipity or the Spirit that caused me to open my Bible to Matthew 7:15-16, where Jesus advises his audience to “Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly are ravenous wolves”? Obama is assuredly a false prophet. And Hillary Clinton is a deceitful ravenous wolf dressed in sheep’s clothing (actually, Chairman Mao garb). All the while, their sycophant media acolytes sing their lies from the progressive choir loft.

For the first thirty years of my life I was more or less oblivious to events in our country and the world. I do remember the Cuban Missile Crisis, and my parents filling our bathtub with water one night in expectation of a nuclear attack from Cuba. I remember seeing Walter Cronkite reporting from Saigon during the Tet Offensive, and announcing that the Vietnam War was lost – and it became a fait accompli. And I remember sitting next to my future wife and reveling in the Apollo 11 moon landing of 1969.

As a young person, I was focused on my education, and then starting a family and a medical practice. I guess it was in my thirties that I really started paying attention to world events and the politics which shape them. I’ve paid close attention over the subsequent thirty-five years and can say with certainty I’ve never seen anything like the corruption, fraud and lies which swirl around Hillary Rodham Clinton. The Watergate scandal pales by comparison. The latest example of Clinton corruption stems from recently released FBI records. These show Clinton’s State Department working with the FBI to reclassify Benghazi documents as non-classified so she could then lie to We The People, again.

And it seems that each day there is more. Project Veritas has recently captured on video agents of the Clinton campaign bragging about inciting violence at Trump’s rallies, paid for by George Soros. There is also her crony-capitalist corporate bankers of Wall Street who repeatedly paid Clinton $250,000 for twenty-five minute homilies. Make no mistake, these businessmen expect a return on their $20 million investment. And don’t forget the corporate media who no longer even project the facade of objectivity and sing in lock-step Clinton’s deceitful hymns.

Here are some facts to consider. During the week of Oct. 7-13, NBC, CBS and ABC spent more than four hours on Trump’s 2005 locker-room bombast while spending only thirty-six minutes on the latest WikiLeaks revelations of Clinton’s campaign emails. These detail her collusion with the White House, her changing political positions and allowing Clinton Foundation donors access to the corridors of government. How telling that Julian Assange’s internet connection at the Ecuadorian embassy in London has now been severed after years of access. And if you still doubt collusion between the Clinton machine/crime syndicate and the corrupt media, remember everyone has personal bias which influences their objectivity. Would it surprise you that as of August 2016, 430 donors (96%) described as journalists gave $382,000 to Clinton, while only 50 journalists gave $14,000 to Trump? Dorothy discovered the truth behind the curtain in the Wizard of Oz. Fair and balanced is today merely a euphemism, and bears no resemblance to reality.

Even if you can ignore Clinton’s Benghazi lies, jeopardizing National security with her unsecured basement internet server and using a military grade scrubber to erase 30,000 emails, her influence peddling at the State Department, and announcing at the latest debate that it takes the US four minutes to launch our nuclear missiles, you should realize that Clinton has serious medical problems. She has what is called the hypercoagulable syndrome which causes recurrent blood clots and necessitates lifelong treatment with drugs like Coumadin. Her fall in 2012 resulted in another blood clot, this time a cavernous sinus thrombosis in her brain.

All the arterial blood delivering oxygen and nutrients to the brain is finally collected in the cavernous sinus before exiting the skull and flowing back to the heart. Many cranial nerves that control eye muscles run through the cavernous sinus. Clinton’s double vision and balance problems are due to that thrombosis. Furthermore, the cavernous sinus also drains cerebrospinal fluid and when clotting occurs spinal fluid may dam up and produce gait problems and dementia.

This election is America’s Armageddon. It will decide whether we continue the destructive policies of Obama and Clinton or choose a leader who is NOT of the Washington ruling class and can perhaps alter our path toward destruction. As I’ve said before, Trump wasn’t my first, second or third choice, but if Obama and Clinton hate him, as well as Hollywood, the corrupt media, RINOs, crony-capitalist bankers of Wall Street, the donor class, the UN, George Soros and Media Matters and late term abortionists, then I’ll side with their opposite, the underdog Trump. I’ll vote to send The Donald to Washington to break up the ruling class’ costume party of wolves in sheep’s clothing.