By Rosie Moore

One of my favorite axioms is “better late than never” which describes me perfectly. I meant to send this article in before New Year’s Day, but this computer thought otherwise. But I was able to come to terms with it and it was given back to me.

My mother was six years old in 1920 and my father was 13 years old. Sadly, they are both gone but their memories last forever. Nineteen twenties were called the decade of changes. Add to that, “The Roaring Twenties” and also “The Jazz Age.” To paraphrase Charles Dickens in “The Tale of Two Cities”, “it was the best of times, and, sometimes, the worst of times.”

Prohibition started in 1920. The U.S. Senate proposed the 18th Amendment to outlaw the production, transport, and sale of alcohol. The movie industry grew, there was a mass production of cars, radios, and a housing boom. Summer Olympics took place in Antwerp, Belgium, the League of Nations was founded but the U.S. voted against joining. And women gained the right to vote.

Let’s go to 2019. It wasn’t all bad. Chicago elected its first African-American female mayor. Animal cruelty was officially made a felony. More places are banning single-use plastics. Now, here comes 2020. What more can be founded, how much more technology will be thrust upon us, what new gains will appear in the health department–will Aids be eradicated, Alzheimer’s? Cancer? What a lot to look forward to.

I could add a lot more to this article, but the deadline is drawing near. Have a Happy New Year!

Thought for the day: Worry is a form of self-destruction while faith is a means of daily renewal. Anonymous

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