By Rosie Moore

I grew up with Shirley Temple. I adored her, saw most of her movies, and emulated her as much as possible, all except for the shining curls because my hair was straight as a stick. She was four years older than me, born in California in 1928. She got her start in the movies at the tender age of three, starring in sentimental musicals.

At the height of her popularity, she was often the subject of many myths and rumors. False claims circulated that she wasn’t a child but a 30 year old dwarf. The fact that she never seemed to miss any teeth led people to believe that she had all her adult teeth.

Another rumor was about her hair, that she wore wig. On multiple occasions fans yanked her hair to test the rumor. She later said she wished she had a wig. The nightly process she endured in the setting of her curls was tedious and grueling, with weekly vinegar rinses that burned her eyes. Who knows if those rumors are true?

She began her diplomatic career in 1969 when she was named United States Ambassador to Ghana and Czechoslovakia. She also served as Chief of Protocol of the United States.

Do you remember her movies? Here are few: “Heidi,””Curly Top,” “Bright eyes” and “The Little Colonel.” I can’t remember a popular little girl in the twentieth century like Shirley, except maybe Drew Barrymore, but she didn’t sing or dance. Shirley married twice and had three children. She was a wonderful little girl and a marvelous adult. She is sorely missed.

Thought for the day: Peace begins with a smile.    Mother Theresa


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