By Ralphine Major

I am not sure if anyone saw it coming.  As I recall, there was nothing unusual about the forecast for snow during the winter of ‘93.  It will be 25 years ago this coming March since the Blizzard of ‘93 struck our nation, causing death and destruction and paralyzing everyone in its path.

What is now called the “storm of the century,” the blizzard of ‘93 brought unprecedented snowfall and caused chaos like had never been seen before.  Power outages lasted for days, some even weeks.  Our family used a wood-burning stove as a source of heat and means to cook.  Schools and businesses were closed longer than with ordinary storms.  Most communication was limited to landline phones and battery-operated radios.  I was working for Knox County Government at that time in the County Executive’s Office (now Mayor’s Office).

Thankfully, this latest snowfall did not bring all the problems that the ‘93 storm brought to our region.

With the extremely cold temperatures and frequent storms hammering our nation, it makes one wonder if another storm of blizzard proportions could once again strike the country.  Whatever weather comes our way, be safe and stay healthy.  Spring is only a few weeks away!