By Ralphine Major

Sixty-five years is a major milestone for any occasion!  Emerson and Cecil (Welch) Mynatt of Halls were married in 1951.  On Labor Day Weekend, their family surprised them with an anniversary celebration at the Chop House in Fountain City.

These days, it is quite an ordeal to get the family all together. Daughters Carol and Gwen are Halls residents, but the sons had to come from out of town.  Dwight (Butch) and wife, Pam, came from Alpharetta, Georgia.  Dr. Randall Mynatt flew in from Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  Cecil, Emerson, Carol, Butch and Pam, Randy, and Gwen are all graduates of Halls High School!  The Mynatts have long been members of the Halls Community.  They have been featured in several Focus columns, including “Another Generation of Mynatt Brothers” and “A Birthday Celebration—the Mynatt Brothers’ Dad Turns 80!”  I have always known this branch of the Mynatt family tree.  Emerson and our father, Ralph O. Major, were first cousins.

Our mother graduated from Halls High School, also.  It was through Emerson that our parents met.

Congratulations to Emerson and Cecil on their 65th Wedding Anniversary!  May they have many more special occasions in life to celebrate and enjoy God’s abundant blessings with family and friends—the best gifts of all!