By Rosie Moore

Panama City, Florida is the closest developed port in the US mainland to the Caribbean entrance of the Panama Canal. It was first named Harrison. A developer named George Mortimer West hoped to spur real estate development in Bay County during a period of intense interest in the construction of the Panama Canal, by changing the name from Harrison to Panama City, because a straight line between Chicago and the capital of the Central America Country of Panama intersected the Florida town. The city has a subtropical humid climate, with short mild winters and long, hot and humid summers. Which has millions of people traveling there all year around, filling the beautiful condos and many motels.

I love the majestic ocean but can do without the sand. But you can’t have one without the other. I’ve seen the movie, “The Wedding Planner” but never realized there really are wedding planners and my daughter had a marvelous one. She arranged everything from the large heart sculpted in the sand and covered with rose petals to the beautiful cake adorned with sea shells. She also officiated the wedding ceremony. All the planning was established by modern technology which makes it so fast and easy to plan. Another nice aspect of the affair was all the grandchildren and great-grandchildren had a ball riding those ocean waves.

Weddings are beautiful wherever they take place. This one especially meant a lot to me because it was my daughter’s and took place in a beautiful setting. Congratulations Anita and Mike!

Thought or the day: In dreams and in love there are no impossibilities. Janos Aran….Hungarian writer and poet.

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