By Ralphine Major

The news was reported just days before the start of Memorial Day Weekend.  Remains of another American hero had come home.  The images were touching as the scene at the airport unfolded.  A flag-draped casket rolled past a gathering of family and friends.  The World War II soldier who had paid the ultimate sacrifice was back on American soil.

It is amazing how many ways the American flag is used.  In celebrations, the flag brings a fun and festive feeling to our events.  It serves as centerpieces and decorations for picnics and flies high and proud in our parades.  When planted on the graves of those who gave their lives for our freedoms, it brings a feeling of sacrifice and sadness.  Memorial Day is a special time for Americans to pay tribute to those who gave so much.  From California to the Carolinas, may the red, white, and blue symbol that represents our great land and all she stands for continue to be a beacon of freedom and hope.  “Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord . . . .” (Psalm 33:12 KJV).