“In a certain town there was a judge who neither feared God nor respected men. And there was a widow in that town who kept appealing to him, ‘Give me justice against my adversary.”’

Jesus Christ (Luke 18:2-3)

By Dr. Jim Ferguson

It has been a month since the November 3rd election and we still don’t know who will be President in 2021, despite what Joe and the media monkeys tell us. At this writing there are lawsuits against voting irregularities in swing states from Rudy Giuliani, Jenna Ellis and Sidney Powell. But most importantly is a Texas election lawsuit against the states of Georgia, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Michigan which has been joined by at least eighteen other states. This Constitutional case will be decided before the Supreme Court.

I probably pay more attention to current events than is healthy for me. The allegations and lawsuits are steeped in legalese and are way above my pay grade, even though I once stayed in a Holiday Inn Express. Therefore, I’ll just list the concerns behind these cases because the “drive by” media and Tech-Lords are suppressing information about the following incredibly important issues.

  1. The Texas lawsuit, joined by Tennessee, holds that election laws were changed in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Georgia and Michigan by functionaries rather than the state legislatures as mandated by the Constitution.
  2. As a result, various counties in these four states handled ballots differently, disenfranchising other counties and other states in the Union.
  3. Problematic Dominion voting machines and software were used to change huge numbers of votes based on programmable computer algorithms.
  4. Chain of custody issues occurred with mail-in ballots compromising certification of legal ballots and votes.
  5. Election observers, as required by law, were excluded from vote counting.

Additionally, Georgia State Republican Chairman David Shafer and President Trump have filed another case in Georgia alleging that more than 300,000 applied for absentee ballots AFTER the deadline, 40,000 changed counties without reregistering, 66,000 underage people registered to vote along with 10,000 who were deceased, and thousands more voted as felons, illegals or residences with “improbable” P.O boxes. Dozens of sworn affidavits from witnesses support these charges. There is a saying – alluding to Wagnerian opera – “It’s not over till the fat lady sings.” And this battle for the election process and the soul of America is not over.

Becky and I are in several Christian discussion groups and recently read and discussed a fascinating book by J. Warner Wallace called “Cold-Case Christianity.” Wallace was a detective and an atheist, but felt challenged to use his detective skills to investigate the supernatural which he discounted. He was unable to debunk the claims of Christianity and his investigation changed his life. He is now a Christian and an apologist for the Way.

Warner educated me about the legal system and evidence. Heretofore, I considered eyewitness accounts as the gold standard of evidence. In a court of law, I learned that eyewitness accounts are considered no more valid than a preponderance of circumstantial evidence. And I learned that the distinction between possible and probable explanations of events are operative in law just as they are in science and medicine. Though this book explores the Christian ethos, I believe Warner’s experience and logic are worthy for anyone who desires to better understand our legal system. And I believe his book should be required reading for everyone called to jury duty.

Some believe the United States is a democracy; it is not. Our Founders were terrified of the historical abuses of democracy, sometimes described as a MOB-ocracy. An example is ancient Greece where the first democracies arose. Terrible injustices were inflicted on the minority by the ruling majorities. A simple example of such “abuse” might be two wolves and a sheep deciding what to have for dinner. It became so bad in Greece that an ancient leader known as Solon the Lawgiver rose to establish basic laws to limit abusive majorities. As a result, our Founders established our Representative Republic where the rule of law protects us all.

In the current election brouhaha, the major news media’s proclamations and group-think just don’t add up. Pollster Patrick Basham spoke to this conundrum. He rightly predicted Trump would defy the proclamations of most other pollsters and win the 2016 election. Basham predicted Trump would win in 2020 and here’s why:

Trump’s accomplishments are undeniable as was the enthusiasm of his supporters. Basham asked how Trump could lose 2020 having increased his vote count by almost 20% over 2016. No incumbent President has ever been defeated when he garners more votes in his reelection bid. Obama lost 3.5 million votes in 2012. Bashsm wondered how Republican Trump could receive the highest percentage of black and Hispanic votes since Richard Nixon in 1968 and lose.  Trump also received more Jewish, Catholic and working white votes. And held his own with women and suburban voters. Basham said Trump’s performance was so impressive that 99 out of 100 independent observers would predict his reelection.

I don’t think much of pollsters, but this circumstantial evidence along with the indisputable voting irregularities and my distrust of the media and the Tech-Lords makes me pause and consider the allegations. And what is even more important than the Presidential election results is the Constitutional rule of law. If the Constitution is made null and void by SCOTUS refusing to adjudicate the Texas lawsuit joined by 18 or more other states, then our Republic and country are lost.

Whatever the decision of the Supremes, chaos will ensue. If Biden wins, he will soon be forced to step down from the Biden family financial scandal, no longer being suppressed by the activist media. And Americans will never support an illegitimate president nor the progressive socialist Kamala Harris who never garnered a single Democrat primary vote.

I’m afraid if SCOTUS disregards the Texas lawsuit and ignores the concerns of numerous states, the only recourse is subjugation of the “bitter, clinging, deplorables” who will then rise in resistance. And worse is the talk of secession from a government that ignores We the People. This led to open rebellion in 1861.