By Rosie Moore

The closer someone in a royal family is to the throne, the more the public hears about him or her. Others are almost forgotten. The British royal family has a line of succession that includes nearly sixty people. One of them is Lord Frederic Windsor, who is forty-ninth in line for the throne. Instead of being in the limelight, he quietly goes about his life. Though he works as a financial analyst, he’s not considered a “working royal”–one of the important family members, who are paid for representing the family.

In The Bible, David’s son Nathan (2nd Samuel 5:14) is another royal who lived outside the limelight. Very little is known about him. but while the genealogy in Matthew mentions Solomon (tracing Joseph’s line), Luke’s genealogy, which many scholars believe is Mary’s family line, mentions Nathan. Though Nathan didn’t hold a scepter, he still had a role in God’s forever kingdom.

As believers in Christ, we are also royalty. The apostle John wrote that God gave us “the right to become children of God” though we may not be in the spotlight, we’re children of the King! God considers each of us important enough to represent Him here on earth and to one day reign with Him. Like Nathan, we may not wear an earthly crown, but we still have a part to play in god’s kingdom.

I like these words and they come from my daily meditation called ”Our Daily Bread.” Thoughts such as these give us the courage to face our daily ministrations that we need so much.

Thought for the day: What we need is a cup of understanding, a barrel of love, and an ocean of understanding. St. Francis de Sales

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