By Ralphine Major

As if the month of March does not have enough distractions with the unpredictable basketball tournaments, this year Mother Nature decided to add to the drama.

After spring-like temperatures teased us for a few days, a huge snow surprise came!  Some of the forecasts indicated our region could possibly see one to two inches of the white flakes.  But the snowfall turned out to be around six inches!  In the middle of the windy month, a substantial snow blanketed yellow Easter flowers and shoots of green grass just beginning to break through the soil.  Focus readers may recall another time in the middle of March when we saw lots of snow.  The blizzard of 1993 paralyzed our area for days.  Schools and businesses were closed, and many were unable to leave their homes for several days.  Fortunately, this year’s snow did not linger and disappeared almost as quickly as it came.  The snow was here just long enough to bring a bit of beauty—stillness—and winter to a hectic March!

Words of faith: “The Lord that made heaven and earth bless thee out of Zion.” Psalm 134:3 (KJV).