By Dr. Jim Ferguson

Never forget: Democrats cheered rioters for eight months before they were “outraged” by January 6th.

Bradford Williams

What if everything you’ve been told proved to be a lie? What if the town crier of your truth (CNN, NYT, Washington Post, MSNBC and the alphabet media ABC, NBC, CBS, NPR) now admits to lying to you about Russian collusion, the “pee pee” tapes and the Hunter Biden laptop scandal? What if your leaders are demonstrably demented, incompetent or are proven to be scoundrels like Adam Schiff? What if Democrat progressive policies have produced inflation, shortages, class warfare, sexualization of children, foreign invasion, the energy crisis and a disastrous foreign policy? Perhaps the best solution is to blame President Trump for all your troubles. He is, after all, the “Orange Man,” the Twitter extraordinaire and the opposite of all your policy achievements.

Is tolerance a good thing? Would you be tolerant of a thief breaking into your house? What about an illegal alien violating the border and breaking immigration laws? A friend of mine has a T-shirt which on the front proclaims she is “Intolerant of…,” and on the back continues, … “pedophilia, racism and crime.”  I told her there are so many things I am intolerant of these days. I would add CRT, BLM, the 1619 project and “wokism,” the anti-American, racist perversion of the euphemistic social justice movement. And speaking of euphemisms, I am intolerant of gender affirming “treatment” of children.

Are you tolerant and accept the media’s recent mea culpa regarding the Hunter Biden laptop scandal? I am not. The posturing of the NYT and the Washington Post is nothing but CYA, or “cover your a**.” The major news media, the Tech Lords of Twitter, Facebook, Google, etc. worked with the Democrats to suppress the bombshell New York Post story. This suppression influenced the 2020 election because 15% of Democrats said they would have changed their vote if they had been aware of the New York Post story. And as a result, Trump’s peace and prosperity (despite the challenges of Covid) have been replaced with inflation, an energy crisis and foreign invasion because of open borders.

Last week, I almost felt sorry for Joe Biden, the Democrat party’s leader, as I watched him wander aimless and alone during the White House visit of Barack Obama. The President of the United States was ignored by everyone in the room, including Obama. I did not experience schadenfreude; I felt sadness for our country. Later, Obama’s hollow endorsement of Biden was telling and too little and too late to repair the damage. Even media toadies can’t reverse such horribly defining optics. Everyone realizes Ol’ Joe’s gotta go. It makes you long for a parliamentary system where a vote of no confidence can dissolve a government and bring new elections. Unfortunately, in our Constitutional Republic we are stuck with Ol’ Joe and the vacuous K. Harris. Even Democrats can’t stand Harris. I’ve been wondering where all the Biden-Harris bumper stickers have gone. Perhaps people are afraid to admit they were duped and afraid of getting their cars keyed.

Recently, I heard that politics follow people, meaning our politicians are just reflective of We the People. What an indictment of the electorate who voted for incompetents and brought us to this sorry state of affairs. I find it increasingly difficult to be tolerant of such.

There is a difference between policy disagreement and perspectives that are just illogical and wrong. We are in the midst of a manufactured energy crisis and the Democrats continue to promote green energy and global warming claptrap. I wonder if AOC knows that her computer and electric cars are charged from energy produced by fossil fuels? Rational people should be yelling, “Drill, baby drill!” and crippling regulations should be suspended during this crisis. Get out of the way of the producers! Folks, the government produces nothing. Citizens produce everything.

And we are experiencing rampant inflation. Democrats just want to print and spend more money, which we don’t have, and will only accelerate inflation, devaluing every dollar in your pocket. With such blatant policy errors, I am compelled to quote myself. “Sometimes the best explanation, for the otherwise inexplicable, is evil.”

This is the season of resurrection. I’ve often wondered why Western Civilization is preeminent among all the civilizations in the history of mankind. (I am sorry if you are intolerant that I use the traditional generic phraseology rather than the modernistic and contrived “human kind.”)

Approximately 2000 years ago something happened which changed the world. I read a book by Lee Strobel entitled The Case for Christ. Strobel was an atheist who decided to investigate Christianity, and as a result of his studies he became a Christian. I highly recommend the book for believers and nonbelievers. Strobel puts forth evidence for Jesus that can be summarized as five E’s: no one refutes the fact that Jesus existed; Jesus was executed; there was an empty tomb; there were hundreds of eye witnesses to his resurrection; and there was early adoption and spread of the Christian message, whereas myths take a very long time to become established.

Sometimes my essays flow and other times they do not. I had planned to write about another topic, but my research took longer than expected so you will have to come back next week for a traditional medical and science topic.

This week’s column actually required the master’s touch because I’m writing while watching the Masters golf tournament, aided by the clarity of a nice claret. (I love double entendres and alliteration.)

So, in this Easter season, we can hope for enlightenment, America’s change of course and resurrection. Although enlightenment may not be possible with some, I believe rational people will agree with me on the latter two.