America’s Trojan Horse


“Hope” is a thing with feathers –

That perches in the soul –

And sings the tune without the words –

And never stops – at all –

Emily Dickinson

By Dr. Jim Ferguson
There is an old Hebrew proverb that advises: have a child, write a book and plant a tree. I have. In fact, Becky and I had two children and I’ve written several books. Through the years I have planted dozens of trees and established a small orchard. However, last week I planted a tree that I will not see reach maturity. One’s end of days is a sobering thought.

I am now on my 74th revolution of the sun, but there are fewer trips ahead than circumnavigations behind. It’s been a good life; no, it’s been a wonderful life, as George Bailey discovered.

Socrates described a good life as one of contemplation and, since I’m retired, I now have more time to reflect upon my life. I have gone further and accomplished more than I ever imagined. We all want a long life and a good life, but if forced to choose, I would choose the latter over the former. I have been blessed with both. The Psalmist sang, “Our days may come to seventy years, or eighty, if our strength endures” (Psalm 90:10). Mostly, my strength is holding up. But I’ll admit, I often become weary of the 2nd civil war in which we are now engaged.

I began this essay discouraged about the country and the Trump political show trial in NY city. But as I sat on my porch, doing my spiritual journaling with the Lord, a monarch butterfly flew next to me, and I thought of Emily Dickinson’s poem, “Hope.” The Apostle Paul also spoke of hope in Romans 5:3-5.

I still have hope. Perhaps it’s because I am blessed to know where I came from, where I’m heading and to know my purpose. My children are raised and my medical career is over. But, I still plant trees for the future, I still love my wife of 49 years and I worship and praise Christ for life and wife, but also for renewed purpose.

In my latter years, I was blessed to discover a talent for writing; something that I did not know I possessed. And I was given a forum to speak out against the great evil that has come upon our land. I recognize that I am a small fish in an average-sized pond. Probably, I am not worth the effort of being attacked by the destroyers who are focused on President Trump. But, if they come after me, so be it. This is my “tour of duty.” It is my responsibility and purpose to do what I can, speaking the truth by writing about evil and voting to overcome the destroyers.

We are engaged in America’s second Civil War. This time, we are not fighting with bullets, but we are nonetheless in a death struggle to save the American soul. Our enemy is Cultural Marxism and its foot soldiers are liberal progressive socialists and leftists whose ideology is anti everything American. The perversions of this “fifth column” are everywhere, from Wall Street to Main Street and even in my neighborhood.

During the Spanish Civil War in the 1930s, the fascist General Francisco Franco said there were four columns of Nationalist troops headed to attack him in Madrid and a ‘fifth column” of subversive elements plotting destruction from within. America is at war with our own subversive fifth column.

Tolerance has become our Trojan Horse. But instead of Greeks streaming out of a horse to attack Trojans, anti-American leftists have inundated our government, colleges, corporate boards and, of course, the major news media. Like termites, they are eating away at the framework of our country and are destroying our children’s future.

If you doubt me, consider what radical, leftist intolerance has done on college campuses. Alan Dershowitz is a respected lawyer, former Harvard law professor and a self-described liberal Democrat. He is also Jewish and has voted against President Trump twice. Nonetheless, he sees how progressive professors have miseducated the collegiate “heads full of mush.” He called the antisemitic college mobs akin to the Hitler Youth mobs in Germany of the 1930s.

To make a diagnosis, a doctor must recognize the signs and symptoms of disease. I recognize the symptoms of America’s disease, Cultural Marxism. And it is my duty in this war to expose the destroyers to anyone who will listen. Abraham Lincoln said, “America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we lose our freedoms it will be because we have destroyed ourselves from within.”

I know that I often sound like a broken record, but as a teacher, I know that repetition is often necessary. There can be no denying that Bidenomics is an abject failure. Biden handlers and Democrats have brought us  “the highest inflation in 40 years” and “almost 20% cumulative price increases,” which translates into “families paying $15,000 more a year for necessities.” Biden brought us 11 million largely unskilled, unvaccinated, illegals streaming across the border on his negligent watch. This has threatened our security, brought shortages in housing and hospital staffing and has strained school systems with children who don’t speak English. And we are threatened by gangs pushing drugs and abusing women and kids. A reasoned person would like to return to lower prices, low inflation, energy independence, prosperity, controlled borders and the successful foreign policies of the pre-Covid Trump presidency.

When nothing seems to be working and everything is either broken or breaking down, what do you do? As a friend of mine says, “Get informed, get involved.”

We have “The last best hope of earth,” (Lincoln) to save. Join me in prayer and in the voting booth this November. Ask the Lord for strength and courage to do your part to Make America Great Again.