Show me the man and I’ll show you the crime.

Joseph Stalin’s secret police chief, Lavrentiy Beria.

By Dr. Jim Ferguson

Do you find it curious that President Trump’s Manhattan arraignment was during Holy Week? President Trump is no Jesus. He is a sinner like me. However, the “trumped-up” charges against him are reminiscent of the false charges made by Jewish rulers against Jesus. There was even a clandestine pseudo-trial (grand jury) for Trump analogous to the middle of the night indictment of Jesus by the Sanhedrin.

The Jewish establishment was threatened by Jesus. They had already decided they must kill him; they just had to manufacture the charges (Mark 11:18). President Trump threatens Democrats and the Washington establishment who have been trying to destroy him for seven years. The Democrats realize that if Trump survives this latest ordeal, he will respond in kind and end their tyranny. It is gladiatorial combat to the death, and America, its citizens and our judicial system are collateral damage.

Jesus could not get a fair trial before the Sanhedrin in Jerusalem. Nor can President Trump get a fair trial in New York, where more than 90% of voters are said to be Democrats. Arguably, those who call themselves Democrats are actually progressive socialists. John Kennedy Democrats no longer exist.

I am no legal eagle. I cannot expound on the legalities of “expired statutes of limitation,” the allegations of prostitutes or those of felon and disbarred lawyer Michael Cohen, whose own attorney says is a liar. And I’ve read that Cohen’s lawyer has a signed affidavit that Trump had nothing to do with payments to Stormy Daniels.

I have never run for president, nor have I been unfaithful to my wife. But, if I were a presidential candidate, I might pay hush money in the run-up to an election or to protect my wife and family. I do know that legal scholars like liberal, Alan Dershowitz and Jonathan Turley, as well as conservative attorney Greg Jarrett, have stated that “fat Alvin’s” case against Trump is ridiculous. Even George Soros, who gave Bragg a million dollars for his election campaign, is disavowing any relationship with Bragg. Recall that Peter denied Jesus three times. And the “puppet master” Soros is no Peter. He is the embodiment of evil.

A friend asked me when I thought our leaders would wise up to what’s going on. I told him they’re not going to wise up because they are part of the problem, just like those who elect Democrats. Pogo said, “We have met the enemy and he is us.” Well, that goes for the 40% who say the demented one and his cackling sidekick are doing a good job.

I learned in the school yard that bullies must be confronted. And appeasement will only produce more evil. Jesus understood this. He did not mince words with the hypocritical Pharisees and ruling elites (Matthew chapter 23:13-39).

As I began this essay, President Trump was on his way to Gotham. Jesus was ignored by the religious rulers as he entered Jerusalem on Palm Sunday. President Trump was not ignored by his enemies. Obviously, the timeline of Jesus during Holy Week two millennia ago and President Trump’s arraignment on allegations of mopery (violation of an imaginary or trivial law) cannot be overlaid. However, I am struck by the similarities. The indictments of Jesus and Trump are actually indictments of us all.

On Monday Jesus drove out the money changers who were defiling the Temple. The Sadducees controlled the lucrative Temple money changing concession analogous to exchanging dollars for Euros when you land in Europe. Only Hebrew shekels were acceptable as Temple donations.

On Tuesday Jesus began teaching in the Temple, repeatedly besting and shaming the religious experts who confronted him. Democrats are so terrified by President Trump that, according to reports, the presiding judge may put a gag order on Trump to prevent him from speaking.

While Jesus continued teaching in the Temple, Judas Iscariot slipped away on Wednesday to cut a deal with the Jewish rulers. I have read arguments that Judas wanted to force Jesus to be more confrontational with the Roman occupiers. I make no excuses for this lost soul nor the loathsome Alvin Bragg. Both the previous Manhattan DA and federal prosecutors all declined to pursue President Trump. Interestingly, Bragg had also decided not to pursue Trump until Joe Biden sent a prosecutor from the DOJ to the Manhattan DA’s office to direct the investigation and insist that Bragg seek indictment.

The Last Supper and Jesus’ arrest in the Garden of Gethsemane occurred on Thursday followed by the illegitimate Sanhedrin proceedings in the middle of the night on Friday. Not surprisingly the Sanhedrin indicted Jesus, who was subsequently tortured and crucified. But the event which changed the course of mankind was Sunday, the Resurrection.

Justice will not come swiftly for President Trump. The far left that controls the Democrat party is Trump’s torturer and representative of all that is wrong in our country. But again, they have miscalculated and made President Trump a symbol of the resistance. But make no mistake, if elites can crucify Jesus Christ and President Trump, they can also come for you.

Under the leadership of the Biden administration, nothing is working. Actually, my marriage is working and the electrical grid is functioning at this moment. I have enough time, safety and resources. I have been blessed and this is the reason I fight for my children, grandchildren, family and country.

President Trump is from Queens, just like Archie Bunker. He is not genteel. However, there is no denying he loves America while so many leftists and progressives hate our country. Why else would Trump put up with this crap? He doesn’t need the money or the prestige.

In 2020 we traded President Trump for dementia, incompetence, supply system problems, a destroyed border, a disastrous foreign policy, train wrecks, corrupt institutions (FBI, DOJ), shipping and airline problems, inflation, drugs and crime. But hey, we don’t have mean tweets.

Everyone makes mistakes. But only a fool continues to make the same mistakes by continuing to elect destructive Democrats. If we don’t wise up soon, we’re done.