By Dr. Jim Ferguson

“When compared to the suppression of anarchy, every other question sinks into insignificance. The anarchist is the enemy of humanity, the enemy of all mankind…his is a deeper degree of criminality than any other.”

Teddy Roosevelt, 1908


Humans tend to think that their moment in time or their experience is unique; and it is to them, but not to the grand sweep of history.

The riots, looting, street violence and murders we are experiencing are not unique and are not peaceful protests as portrayed by the media and Democrats. It is mob rule designed to intimidate and is not the foundational “rule of law” upon which our republic was founded. Mob rule is a manifestation of anarchy, simply defined as the “abolition of traditional forms of government and institutions.” Laws are designed to protect individuals and property. Without the rule of law, mob anarchy takes over and the strongest man with the biggest stick rules.

When I was a boy I learned about anarchists in Mad Magazine. The cartoon caricature depicted a shady character in a trench coat and fedora carrying a round black bomb with a burning fuse. Today they are festooned in black and wear masks or hoodies.

Actually, anarchy was first defined in the 16th century, but in a more modern era, it was a big problem during Teddy Roosevelt’s presidency, just as it is today. Vice President Roosevelt was elevated to the presidency when William McKinley, our 25th president, was assassinated by an anarchist in 1901.

The first decade of the 20th century was also a time of economic recession, racial tension and mobs attacking citizens in their homes and on the street. Christians were murdered because of their faith. Police were hated and attacked.  Public buildings were bombed. A bomb exploded every month in New York City throughout 1908. Sounds a lot like Portland and numerous other “blue cities” in 2020.

Modern anarchists like Antifa and Marxist BLM use the inflammatory rhetoric Maxine Waters and other Democrat “luminaries” and paragons of virtue-signaling to justify terrorizing people in restaurants and their homes, burning and bombing police and Federal buildings, looting and assassinating police. Even United States Senators outside the White House are subject to leftist mobs, the military wing of the Progressive-Democrat-Socialist party.

Karl Marx espoused class warfare in his communist manifesto. In our era racial warfare has replaced Marxist class warfare. All the while the propaganda wing of the Democrat party (the major media) promotes the “Big Lie” to a guileless John Q. Public. Recall that the “Big Lie” originated in Mein Kamph and was used effectively by the National SOCIALIST party of Germany. Hitler found that a big enough lie, told often and boldly, will be believed by the common man who can’t comprehend such duplicity and deception.

I write this polemic from the beach looking out at the ocean and wonder if anyone will heed my words. Many won’t bother to read or consider the crisis before us, and justify their inaction by labeling me a conspiracy theorist, or wait!… a “white supremacist,” the latest in a series of big lies.  Maybe I should just be in the world, but not of the world (1 John 2:15). But then I think, “For everyone who has been given much, much will be demanded” (Luke 12:48). So, I speak out as “a voice of one calling in the wilderness” (Mark 1:3).

I am fearful that too many have hardened hearts of hatred and will vote their dislike of President Trump’s New York style by voting for the Trojan Horse Joe Biden. As a geriatrician, I have witnessed elder abuse. It is on display with Ole Joe for those with eyes not clouded by destructive political animus.

I feel sorry for Biden, but the defeat of his leftist handlers is paramount. These invisible puppeteers remain nameless just like Greeks hidden in the belly of the wooden horse outside the gates of ancient Troy. At least I know about the socialist Bernie Sanders and AOC. I know of the odious money-man, George Soros and the “Speaker of looters,” Nancy Pelosi. I don’t know anything of these shadowy figures with whom Biden has “made a Faustian bargain.” I’m fearful of the shadow people who don’t campaign. I’m fearful of the impaired Joe Biden who is incapable of resisting neither his handlers nor his manipulative wife. And, I’m fearful of the leftist, wannabe Kamala Harris. You should be as well.

There will be an America if Biden wins and the “Harris-Biden Administration’’ takes over. But things will never be the same. Taxes will go up, the economy and your 401K will tank, leftist socialistic policies, which have never worked, will be instituted. Think of Cuba or Venezuela. Think of California run by Democrats for decades where forests are mismanaged causing fires, homeless live and defecate on the streets, rolling power blackouts are the rule because money was diverted from modernizing PG&E’s electrical grid to solar and wind power. Think of Portland’s street anarchy, defunded police and blue state sanctuary laws which protect illegal alien criminals instead of American citizens. Think of open borders, third trimester abortions, removing guns from law-abiding citizens and using YOUR money to bail out mismanaged blue states like Illinois.

But enough said. I’m beginning to sound like the Ghostbusters meeting with the mayor of New York City and predicting an apocalypse if the EPA (environmental protection agency) buffoon turns off their ghoul containment grid.

“Whoever has ears to hear” will do so (Mark 4:9). So, it’s back to the beach. After all, The Master is in control as he was in November 2016, and still is. I am doing my best and my duty. I must trust in Providence.