By Dr. Jim Ferguson

I had planned to write about cognitive aging, but then the Planned Parenthood video exposed the depravity of this organization and its agents. Recently, I wrote about the “moral vacuum” which occurs when religion is no longer considered relevant or hip and is replaced by the State. Secularism without a moral conscience can lead to Planned Parenthood’s “fetal chop shop.”

If some perturbation of the ether finds you “uninformed” regarding the three year investigation of Planned Parenthood and the scandalous video, Google Nucatola and try not to throw up. If you’re waiting for the “drive-by” media or Obama to condemn this latest outrage, you’re wasting your time. These secularists are already circling the wagons in defense of Planned Parenthood and its Senior Director, Deborah Nucatola, who has an M. D. after her name, but she is not a “physician.” She is a monster no less so than the Kansas late term abortionist, “Tiller the baby killer,” the Hannibal Lecter-like abortionist in Philadelphia or the Nazi, Joseph Mengele.

The Associated Press, whose stories fill the Sentinel, explained that the damning video, with discussions over salad and wine of harvesting and selling parts of aborted children, was just about the “disposition of fetal remains.” Fetus is a medical term used euphemistically in place of a child in the womb.

Margaret Sanger was a birth control activist in the early 1900s, a eugenicist and lauded as the founder of Planned Parenthood. You should read about Sanger’s ideas of controlled human breeding and who should be culled. The Nazis apparently did so.

The desire to control procreation is ancient. Contraception was practiced in Egypt in the 2nd millennium BC, and coitus interruptus is described in the 38th chapter of Genesis. Abortifacients were used in ancient Greece (c 500 BC), though foresworn by Hippocrates in his ancient creed for “physicians.” In our post-modern world many contraception ai exist including condoms, birth control pills and quarterly hormone injections. All are readily available and relatively inexpensive. And they are free if you are impoverished. So why are so many babies aborted or born who can’t be cared for?

Since Roe vs. Wade was declared the law of our land in 1973, 57 million abortions have been done. Around a million are done annually, and tragically 37% of abortions are in blacks, though they comprise only 13% of our population. Hillary Clinton once said that “Abortion should be legal, safe and rare.” On this I agree with her. Unfortunately, this life changing procedure is not rare and some have described America’s taking of life as the “American Holocaust.” It is impossible to determine when thoughtful, soulful human life begins. Until such time that philosophers, scientists, ethicists and theologians can concur on this mystery, I must hold that all human life and proto-life is sacred and should be protected. If it is not then we are little better than the brutes described by Thomas Hobbs.

Does everything seem to be spinning out of control these days? If you’re not one of the “uninformed” or a Democrat apparatchik, you have to wonder what happened to cause America’s race war, the rise of ISIS and the moral vacuum. Though my faith is solid, my marriage is sound and I have enough of everything I need, I ache for my country and especially for my children and grandchildren who will inherit the mess that was once America the Beautiful. Polls show that the rising millennial generation is similarly pessimistic, but attaches no blame to the destructive policies of fifty years progressive-liberalism.

Everyday day we hear of police being ambushed (New York, Saint Louis), riots in Baltimore and Ferguson, Missouri, murders in Chicago and mayhem wrought by illegal criminal aliens. Obama found time to call the families of Travon Martin, Michael Brown and visit inmates in prison, but apparently is too busy to call the family of Kate Steinle, the young woman murdered by the criminal alien in the sanctuary city of San Francisco.

A wise mentor taught me to bridle my tongue by writing a letter to protest injustice, but to first put it in a drawer for three days. Then reread the letter and if I still feel similarly, mail it. My publisher’s deadline for this essay is twelve hours from now, so time will not be able to curb my passion because today the “religion of peace” struck again and murdered four marines in Chattanooga. I know most Muslims decry the radicals who have co-opted their religion. Perhaps these moderates are afraid to speak out, though some do like Zuhdi Jasser (Google him and learn of his efforts to reform Islam). Edmund Burke once said, “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.”

We have become complacent and, like the proverbial frog sitting in a pan of water on the stove, we don’t recognize that the heat is rising and will soon cook us. Will we continue to tolerate the lies of Benghazi, the scandals of the IRS and the VA? Will we continue to laud a President as imperious as King George?

Maybe our citizens just want to be taken care of by Big Brother. George Orwell wrote his dark book (1984) of a dystopian civilization where there was institutional lying at the Ministry of Truth. The social and emotional privation in Orwell’s book brings to mind North Korea. However, wasn’t it Hillary’s husband in 1994 who negotiated a deal with North Korea to prevent them from becoming a nuclear terrorist state? How’d that work out?

I’m sorry folks, I don’t trust Obama or the apocalyptic Iranian mullahs who still chant death to America and have sworn to annihilate Israel. We’re told that we either sign the treaty or go to war. That’s a lie. The answer is to say “No” to Putin, the Mullahs and don’t trade with them and insist that the world doesn’t either or we won’t trade with the world. But you see this solution takes statesmanship and courage and our own discomfort. However, I’d rather stand my ground now than ask my grandchildren to deal with a nuclear Iran who makes the North Koreans look like pikers.