Antifa Demonstrators Are Spoiled Rich Kids

By John J. Duncan Jr.

The recent arrests of far-left demonstrators in Atlanta and Boston have shown that most of these Antifa protestors are mostly a bunch of spoiled rich kids.

Antifa is supposed to be a shortened version of anti-fascist, but the tactics they have been using show that they are the true fascists.

Democrat officeholders throughout the country have been on a two-year drumbeat demanding jail time for everyone who was at the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021.

I said in the first column I wrote after that demonstration that anyone who broke into the Capitol and/or destroyed property should be prosecuted.

But the great majority of the January 6th demonstrators were patriotic Americans who simply walked around the Capitol after going through doors held open for them by Capitol Police.

The young Antifa punks, however, have assaulted police and burned police vehicles and other property.

One who was arrested in Boston was Riley Dowell, 23, the “daughter” of the new Minority Whip of the U.S. House, a far-left Congresswoman from Massachusetts, Rep. Katherine Clark. I put quotes around the word daughter because Dowell is so mixed-up and confused that she (he) identifies as non-binary, meaning not identifying with either sex.

Rep. Clark put out a statement calling Dowell her daughter, and most stories referred to her as a daughter.

However, one report called her Clark’s son, and the young woman appeared in court with a very short haircut and wearing clothes making her appear to be a young man.

Rep. Clark, now the second most powerful Democrat in the House, has made speeches bragging about the fact that she has a non-binary child, making herself appear as kind, loving, open, and not the least bit prejudiced.

In the Democratic Party today, a person has a better chance to win in a primary if they are black, brown, gay, lesbian, bi-sexual, trans-sexual, non-binary, or even more than one of these categories.

I wish we could get back to a day when one’s sex life was totally private, and people were not made to be heroes if they were part of some sexual minority.

The Democrats have gone so far to the left, they have never criticized or demanded prosecution of all those who destroyed billions of dollars worth of property, or robbed or looted during the summer of the Black Lives Matter riots.

And they have not criticized these recent demonstrations in Boston and Atlanta.

Rep. Clark’s daughter assaulted a policeman and sprayed graffiti such as ACAB, the code of Antifa saying All Cops Are Bastards.

The U.S. edition of the British newspaper The Daily Mail referred to the Atlanta rioters as “The woke, spoiled children trying to set fire to Atlanta.”

The Daily Mail said one was a Maine millionaire’s son who grew up in a mansion in Kennebunkport, Francis “Frankie” Carroll. Young Mr. Carroll had been charged a month earlier for domestic terrorism at the Atlanta Public Safety Center.

Another was Madeline Feola, who looks like a young woman but is a trans, non-binary activist who uses the name Henri. She, he or it is from a wealthy suburb of Portland, Oregon.

Almost all the others arrested were young, white children from wealthy families from other states, most in their 20s.

The Daily Mail article said, “The arrests indicate Antifa organizers are recruiting activists from across the country to commit violence…(and) the violent thugs, several who were brought up in wealthy households, believe that police forces should be scrapped.”

They had called for a “night of rage” against police in Atlanta. There is such a double standard of justice today among Democrats: hatred and jail time for Trump supporters; not even a word of criticism for Antifa kids.

It is hard to understand why such privileged young people should have such hatred for this country. However, Michelle Obama said once that she never felt proud of this country until the night her husband was elected president.