By Ralphine Major

On our recent trip to Greeneville, I bought an Autism Awareness bracelet from a lady who was selling it for her grandson.  It was a reminder that I needed to contact Nick Peters.  Nick, who is the son of Carolyn Boruff Peters and Kent Peters, grew up in Corryton.  When Nick was a teenager, I saw him and his family at a restaurant.  His tall, lean frame and dark hair strongly resembled a young Kent Peters who played trombone in our high school band so many years ago!
Nick has a Bachelor’s in preaching and Bible from Johnson University and is working on a Master’s in New Testament.  He has a special interest in the historical Jesus and the resurrection.  Nick has a ministry called Deeper Waters.  The name reflects his belief that Christians are not exploring the deepness of the Christian tradition.  He does a weekly podcast, speaking engagements, and has several E-books on Amazon.  Nick authored “A Creed for the Ages” and co-authored “Defining Inerrancy” with J. P. Holding, “Groundless,” “Christian Answers To This Generation’s Questions,” and with an atheist co-wrote “God and Natural Disasters.”  Peters refers to himself as an apologist (one who defends) of Christianity.  Nick and his wife, Allie Licona Peters, both have been diagnosed with Aspergers, a form of autism which can often result in awkwardness in social situations.  It is amazing how God is using this couple in such a remarkable way.
If you would like to contact Nick for more information or to make a tax-deductible donation, his e-mail address is:  Mailing address is: P.O. Box 1271, Cumming, GA 30028.  Visit his website at:  I leave you with Nick’s own words, a great motto to live by.  “Every day. Life is an adventure. It’s good to be alive.”