By Dr. Harold A. Black

Remember the joke about the guy tasting Bud Light for the first time and thought it tasted funny and sent it to a lab? The report said, “I am afraid your horse has diabetes.” Well, now Bud Light – the fake beer – has a new spokesperson who is a fake woman. So a drink impersonating beer has a man impersonating a woman.

The news reported a man whose job offer was withdrawn because he sent an email to two women with “ladies” as a greeting. One woman said calling her a “lady” was a “microaggression.”

I think the left has conspired to get Donald Trump the Republican nomination because the only way that the Democrats can get re-elected is if Trump is the Republican nominee. Hence the indictment.

I don’t understand how anyone can advocate gender surgery for kids and why gender issues should be part of the curricula for K-12.

The national debt is over 100% of GNP. The Democrats want it to be higher and the Republicans aren’t much better. On the opposite spectrum, Finland just voted out its leader because its national debt had surged to only 40% of its GDP.

It used to be that the Federal Reserve was the only adult in the room. Remember when it was said that the Fed removed the punch bowl after the party had just gotten good? Now the Fed is spiking the bowl.

Sadly, the Fed is saddled with the same incompetence that runs through the Biden Administration. Its regional presidents are ill-equipped to do their basic job of overseeing the banks in their region. Rather some of the regional banks such as Atlanta, Minneapolis and San Francisco seem to be spending more resources on DEI than on bank regulation. Mary Daly at the San Francisco Fed is the embodiment of incompetence.

The Fed Board’s seven members lack the foundation of monetary economics. Only two of them even have a modicum of training in the field. Jay Powell is a lawyer, not an economist. It’s like the Supreme Court having a bunch of economists as justices.

The Knoxville NAACP has “demanded” that the application for a boys’ only charter school be withdrawn. This is in sync with the national organization’s opposition to charter schools. Guess all the hundreds of thousands of dollars given to the NAACP by the teachers’ unions are paying off.

I loved the Babylon Bee’s story of a Chinese army training video showing how to attack the American army by using the wrong pronouns.

Is transgenderism just part of a national mental health crisis?

I bet most kids questioning their gender reside in liberal states.

I just finished reading Siddarth Kara’s “Cobalt Red: How the Blood of the Congo Powers Our Lives.” It is a sobering and frightening account of the appalling conditions in mining cobalt in the Congo. That such conditions are allowed to continue is almost unimaginable. Everyone should read this book. Kara tells the story of the people of the Congo who have been dealt perhaps the planet’s worse poker hand. From slavery to the genocide by the Belgians to exploitation by the Europeans and now by the Chinese, the Congolese have never profited from the rich minerals in their soil. More personally, one of my 13 DNA strains is Congo, so these are stories about my relatives.

We now have in power a government that seems to conspire with the Chinese. It lets a spy balloon sail across the country unimpeded until after it finishes its mission. It denies domestic mining permits for minerals used in smartphones and EVs that are currently dominated by the Chinese. It is trying to destroy fossil fuels and replace them with more expensive and less reliable sources of energy while the Chinese are building more coal-fired plants. Why should we make China better off while we make ourselves worse off and more dependent upon our main adversary?

The Biden Administration is coming after your gas ovens, your small appliances, your light bulbs, your internal combustion engines, banning natural gas buildings, diesel and gas heavy trucks – everything it seems other than John Kerry’s private jet.

All of the above points to a country in decline. I think it is a product of all the propaganda spewed by the left that has taken over media, “culture,” education and politics. It’s no wonder that most Americans think that their children will be less prosperous. It is also no wonder that fewer Americans are patriotic, love the country, are religious and believe in the American dream. It’s truly sad because this malaise is of our own making.