By Rosie Moore

Did you watch the Olympics? I hope so. It is one way to applaud the athletes for all their hard work—for the years of dedication, determination, and hopes that they displayed during the games and at the finals.

I had a granddaughter years ago who aspired to be in the Olympics at one time. She practiced and practiced and became quite good at it. She won several blue ribbons at small routine shows. When she turned sixteen the resolve left her. When I asked why, she said it took her whole life. She couldn’t partake into anything else and she wanted to be able  to do more. Mary Lou Retton, a gold medalist, opines that she never got to any of her proms because of her dedication to her goal of winning a gold medal.

For all the thousands of athletes that partake in the Olympics, there are thousands of stories. I’m going to jot just one of them down here, as an example. Simone Biles has won five gold medals. Only nineteen years old, born in Columbus, Ohio, she started training for gymnastics when she was six years old. Also at that age she was adopted by her grandparents due to her mother being addicted to drugs and alcohol.  When she was ready to enter high school, her grandparents decided she should be home-schooled. No prom, no after-school activities, no hanging out with classmates. This allowed her to  train for 32 hours a week instead of twenty. Because of hard work and determination she was able to garner five gold medals.

She wasn’t able to continue her outstanding performance on the beam thus only earning a bronze medal. I know she was thankful that the years of dedication brought her to this memorable time in her life.

There are moments in our everyday life that might seem like an “Olympic”  moment. We don’t have to work long or hard for it but they present themselves when we least expect it. Perhaps when your children are born? Or when a good friend survives a debilitating illness? Or when scenes of majesty in nature confront our eyes? Instead of “senior” moments, let’s have “Olympic” moments!

Thought for the day: On the heels of a job well done come the blessings of a lingering sense of satisfaction and a good night’s sleep.    Anonymous.

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