By Ralphine Major

It seemed like a coincidence.  I heard in the news the resignation of Knox County Schools Superintendent Jim McIntyre just as I had sent another e-mail message to Ashley’s father.

Focus readers met 9-year-old Ashley Boruff in “Young Leader Emerges in Corryton Controversy,” 11-7-11.  Ashley worked to raise money to help save her school when Superintendent McIntyre announced plans to close it.  Today, Corryton Elementary is thriving with students, and McIntyre has resigned.  Ashley, now 13, is a Holston Middle School student and is using her talents in another worthwhile venture.  This time, she is helping her church.

Anyone driving to Harbision’s Crossroads surely has noticed the big, beautiful church building taking shape high upon the hill across from the Midway IGA.  For months I have watched the construction of Clear Springs Baptist Church.  It can be seen coming from either direction on Tazewell Pike or Emory Road, and it is a towering presence at the crossroads.  What a great addition to Harbison’s!

I have met Ashley and her parents a few times.  Her grandparents, Marvin and Marie Boruff, are long-time neighbors and dear friends of our family (“BORUFF—on Boruff Road,” 8-12-13).  Young Ashley, who is mature beyond her years, is using her outstanding talent as a very special gift to her church.  (To be continued).


Piddle Diddle Update:  Barnes & Noble on Saturday, February 13, 2-4 p.m. for book signing and pictures may be taken with Piddle Diddle in costume.