By Ralphine Major

He was inducted into the Tennessee Trial Lawyers Hall of Fame in 2015 and one of only six male lawyers in the State of Tennessee to receive this prestigious honor.  A well-known lawyer in Grainger County, he is Attorney Creed Allen Daniel.

When Creed Daniel’s younger brother, Zane, opened a law office in the Burwell Building in Knoxville, Creed had the opportunity to work alongside him and John J. Duncan, Jr.  That is where I first met him.  Both Creed and Zane grew up in Grainger County, and Creed decided to keep his law office in Rutledge in Grainger County.  I had no idea Creed and Zane were so widely known, and I certainly did not realize both would become legends in the field of law.

Knox County Attorney Wilson Ritchie shared in The Knoxville Focus 10-5-2020, “The Daniel Boys,” that Creed was a great help to him on a case they worked on together.  It is most interesting to hear from another attorney who worked opposite Creed in the courtroom.  “I prosecuted cases in Grainger County for about five years ending in 2011.  Creed represented many of the defendants there.  He was always a friend no matter how the case went,” Steve Hawkins said.  Steve is the former Chief Assistant District Attorney and criminal defense attorney from Maryville, Tennessee.

“Creed is one of a kind!  He was a very able attorney and still is,” Hawkins added.  “And he always had a great story to tell!”

Learn more about the Grainger County Tennessee Hall of Fame Attorney in “The Life & Times of Creed Allen Daniel” video on YouTube.


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