By Ralphine Major

Be still and know that I am God . . .” (Psalms 46:10, KJV). It is among my favorite Bible verses. I see it printed on pens, cups, and cards. This comforting verse always comes to mind when I see single snowflakes falling to the ground and blanketing the earth. Their collective effect can often grind our hurried pace to a much slower one, if not a complete halt.
The first snowfall of this season caused me to turn back through the pages of my mind to a couple of years ago. As I stood in knee-deep snow, I marveled at how quickly the glistening crystals turned Mother Earth into a winter wonderland. In the distance, I could see House Mountain with snow-capped trees reaching skyward. There was silence all around. Occasionally, I heard the chirping of a beautiful red cardinal as it sat on a barren tree branch. Then, the silence returned. I wanted to capture the beauty of that moment. It was peaceful and serene. Time, it seemed, had stopped—if only for a little while. The words of the psalmist returned: “Be still and know that I am God . . .”