By Rosie Moore

I am an avid reader but once in a while I latch on to a book that is disappointing and not to my liking at all. That was the case with a book I picked up by one of my favorite authors, Nelson DeMille. The title misled me. I thought “Radiant Angel” was, well, maybe about angels, or something on that order, so I picked it up without reading the jacket and, as I browsed through it, I knew it wasn’t exactly the kind of book I like. It was all about the CIA, FBI, and the threat of a newly resurgent Russia. However, I read it because Mr. DeMille is such a prolific writer, you can’t lay it down.

Another book I read was “Legends and Lies” written by David Fisher in collaboration with Bill O’Reilly’s Fox News Series about “The Real West.” It is a fascinating, eye-opening look at the truth behind the western legends we all think we know. It is amazing how people survived back in those days when there were bank and stagecoach robberies, and Indian attacks on wagon trains. This book brings to life the stories about such characters as, Jesse James, Doc Holiday,

Daniel Boone,  Annie Oakley, Buffalo Bill, Kit Carson and many others. Their lives were embellished by reporters and writers of that long-ago  era and whether they were true or not, the public back in those days feasted on their exploits. A lot of them managed to convince their admirers that they were future “Robin Hoods,” robbing the rich to help the poor. Whatever their contentions were, they made for  heroic tales that will last forever. It was an interesting read.

News Flash: In my home city of Lancaster, Pa., they now have sweet corn ice cream. It is blanched, then cut off the cob, then it is mixed in the ice cream machine. You will taste pieces of corn when you bite into it. It can be dusted by Old Bay Seasoning. I kid you not!  I can’t make an accurate assessment on this until I actually taste it. That may take a while since I don’t know when I’ll be going up North. And I’m doubtful if this concoction will make it down here.

Things money can’t buy:

1. Manners

2. Morals

3. Respect

4. Character

5. Common Sense

6. Trust

7. Patience

8. Class

9. Integrity

10. Love