Kat Chandler at a surprise congratulations book party given by her husband

Kat Chandler at a surprise congratulations book party given by her husband

By Ralphine Major

She already fills many roles in her daily life—Christian, wife, mother of two, and hairdresser.  Now, she has added a new title after her name:  published author.

Kat Chandler was born in Austin, Texas.  Her family moved to East Tennessee when she was five years old, and she grew up in Knoxville.  Not surprising, the first-time author told me she loves to read.  “I would go to the library and check out books to read, but I did not like the way some of them ended,” she said.  Thus began Kat’s journey of writing, and “Blackbird Fly” was created.

The romance novel about second chances was published by Tim Holder of TDH Communications.  Tim has published numerous books of his own or books where he collaborated with other writers, but this is his first time to publish a book written solely by someone else.  “It seemed like the next logical step,” he told me.  “I picked Kat because she knew my wife, Angela.  I read the first chapter of Kat’s manuscript, and I believe she is a talented author,” Tim added.  I agree.

Set in Oak Island, North Carolina, Kat’s vivid descriptions and detailed delivery of the events in the book draw the reader into the life of Mollie Wells, a photographer.  Kat takes her readers along on a morning run on the beach with Mollie and Jude, her chocolate Lab.  They feel Mollie’s pain in a recurring dream and share her excitement when meeting new friends, Sam and his daughter, Beyla.  The excerpt of “Blackbird Fly” is quite intriguing and left this reader anxious to learn more.

“Blackbird Fly” is available on Kindle and Amazon.com.  More information about Kat and “Blackbird Fly” is available at www.tdhcommunications.com.  On Monday, April 6, Kat will have a book signing at Remedy Coffee in the Old City at 7 p.m.  It would be a great time to meet this delightful author, purchase a copy of “Blackbird Fly,” and continue the adventure with Mollie and Jude.  I wonder what will come of that chance meeting with Sam and little Beyla?  I wonder why it is titled “Blackbird Fly?”  I wonder . . . .