By Dr. Jim Ferguson

I don’t know about you, but I am sick of this impeachment farce. Experts say that presidential impeachment is a political process, and from what I’ve seen I agree. This explains why I am totally fed up with the politics of Washington. I see this impeachment as nothing but spectacle, like a battle between junkyard dogs.

The word politics is best understood as the “workings” of the country (our national polis). However, the Democrats and the media have perverted the process, and their hatred has turned politics into blood sport. Unfortunately, not only the gladiators are fighting to the death. The country has also been dragged into the ring.

I cringe when advertisements for martial arts appear on television. I would never watch such gladiatorial blood sport. Nor will I watch the farcical impeachment battle between the hate-filled Democrats and President Trump. Actually, I might watch real fisticuffs between Trump and “Pencil Neck” Adam Schiff, but I don’t think a fistfight between Trump and the “sack of flesh” Jerry Nadler would be sporting.

I’ll stop and apologize to my readers for using such coarse descriptions of Democrat Impeachment Managers, “shifty” Schiff and “pettifogging” Nadler. But even Senator Susan Collins said that “Schiff will say anything to get the President.”

I also cringe when cursing is used on television and or when the Lord’s name is used in vain, as when Joe Biden uses His name for emphasis. A component of Trump hatred and Trump derangement syndrome is his “Bronx style” and the verbiage that sophisticates consider indelicate or inappropriate for a President.

Since The Focus is a family-friendly newspaper, I’ll curb my tongue and my pen. However, I have cursed, told off-color jokes and used bathroom banter. Perhaps we’ve all been guilty of indelicate speech or had unkind thoughts of others. However, the decorum of The Senate epitomizes such hypocrisy. I can write or speak in the lofty manner of a university faculty lounge or with Senate-speak. Chief Justice Roberts admonished the Senate gladiators not to soil the decorum of this “great deliberative body.” This lofty bombast is nothing but bull excrement.

In 1998 I was taking care of patients and did not have time to watch the Bill Clinton Impeachment. Clinton was impeached because he lied to a grand jury and suborned perjury from others. I now have time to watch the Trump impeachment, but I still have far more important things to do than watch Washington politicos strut and preen or try to tear each other apart. I think Trump’s impeachment is a waste of time and money, something Washington is famous for doing.

Mueller showed there was no Russian collusion. The Ukrainian phone call transcript was released and there was no quid pro quo. Trump gave Ukraine Javelin anti-tank missiles which stopped the Russian advance. Obama violated the USA defense treaty with Ukraine giving them only blankets and MREs to fight Russian aggression. The only collusion and coverup is the Democrat deep-state on-going Presidential coup d’état and the shielding of Hunter and Joe Biden’s corrupt Ukrainian dealings. Hmm, I wonder if Ukraine would have “leverage” with Uncle Joe if he became President?

I resent that the otherwise “do nothing Democrats” are dragging the country through this impeachment farce. They could be working on border security issues, the drug epidemic, prescription drug costs, the Chinese threat or the festering wound of the Middle East. But no, Democrats are busy influencing the 2020 election by attempting to remove the duly elected president from the ballot box with their impeachment farce. Adam Schiff actually said we “can’t trust the ballot box to remove Trump.”

And while Washington dithers, Trump spoke to the world-order elites at Davos, promoting America. Apparently, many of the 6,000 attendees now love Trump after discovering he was right. You haven’t heard about Trump’s important speech because the major media largely ignored it. This is not surprising because Trump heralded America’s resurgence. He noted the USMCA which replaced NAFTA, a treaty which sent companies and jobs out of America. For the first time America has a trade deal with China. Our economy is booming with record low unemployment and record stock market highs (Dow is up 10,000 with Trumpism). Seven million new jobs have been created since 2016, with the bottom half of workers seeing their pay increase at three times the rate of the top 1%. “The American dream is back.” The Democrats and their candidates have no policies, other than destroy Trump at any cost. Pathetic and pernicious.

Trump invited the Dovites to emulate American freedom, capitalism, innovation and prosperity. He pointed out that the soothsayers of doom in the 1960s said the population boom would destroy humanity. It hasn’t. Then we were told we’d run out of food in the 70s and oil in the 1990s. They were wrong. And they discounted America’s resurgence under Trump. CBS was more interested whether sixteen-year-old Greta Thunberg might run into Trump at Davos. The Climate Change darling continues to preach this latest apocalypse which demands we surrender our freedom and open our wallets to elite globalist managers.

So, what is more important this last week of January 2020 than impeachment? It’s Ferguson’s three Fs: faith, family and friends. Faith in God, not government. Faith and support of family and friends, and the recognition that friends are your neighbors as Jesus taught (Luke 10:27-37). I hope I would see Schiff and Nadler as neighbors if I encountered them on the road between Jerusalem and Jericho. I can’t look into Pelosi’s heart, who says she prays for the President, but I pray for him every day. I also pray for the lost, confused and those co-opted by the evil’s malevolent hatred.

I am commanded to not judge because that is reserved for the Lord. For me it is discernment rather than judgement. I discern that the Democrats are not motivated by justice and have brought the blood sport of civil war to our country. When Trump is exonerated, reelected and Democrats, who bring such trouble, are removed from power, then I will consider mercy (Micah 6:8).

Until then I will continue to lobby Lamar Alexander (202-224-4944) and insist he support our president. I urge you to do so as well.