By Rosie Moore

Rev. Dale E. Marshall is our interim minister at my church until we get a permanent one. One Sunday he mentioned in his sermon “bumper stickers”–I don’t really remember in what context he mentioned those words, but, immediately my mind began whirring and when it does that I have to put my thoughts into words.

The bumper stickers I am going to refer are not stuck on the back of automobiles. The ones I will mention are adhered to our hearts as we journey through life.

The first day of school. Rather frightening but exciting. And it ended well.

The first kiss when you were sixteen. One never forgets one’s first love.

Getting married. A big bumper sticker here.

Your first child. A pink or blue bumper sticker

What about a big bumper sticker when your child graduates from high school.

A little worrisome bumper sticker when he/she starts driving.

There are many, many more that could be mentioned, you know what they are. Add them up and they will fill your hearts with joy.

The raggedly, torn and outworn bumper stickers we don’t think of very often. Leave them alone. They won’t ever go away but don’t let them lead your life. The traumatic events like deaths of loved ones, hurricanes, auto accidents, these are bumper stickers that should be tucked away in a corner of your heart and left to linger there.

Then there are the little bumper stickers, that don’t bring much glee to our lives but they’re nice when they arrive. A twenty-dollar surprise on a scratch-off card. A rainbow during a stormy day. A surprise birthday party. These little bumper stickers mean so much to us. How many bumper stickers do you have? May the bumper stickers of life bring you blessings.

Thought for the day: My mind is a garden, My thoughts are the seeds. My harvest will be either flowers or weeds.  Mel Weldon, basketball player

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